What have you achieved today, no matter how small?

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Bluewavescrashing Sun 20-Dec-20 10:25:02

I started a thread with the same title in the summer as I was struggling to get motivated. If you'd like to add your little achievements, please do!

Today I have

Cleaned the bathroom
Had a bath
Nagged the DCs to have a bath until they finally gave in.

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isseys4xmastinselcats Sun 20-Dec-20 11:32:05

yesterday finally put the new table and chairs together for my kitchen (moved house new kitchen) and today located the table mats and coasters tracked them down in a box in the cellar

LutherRalph1 Sun 20-Dec-20 11:47:01

Today my son and I have made the cakes we have been threatening for weeks ( just a packet mix) and I've done some
Washing and tidied

QueenofLouisiana Sun 20-Dec-20 11:47:49

Got dressed.
Created a timeline of stuff that DH needs to do before Christmas.
Started dinner.
Made DS clean his room.
The first two are particularly relevant as I’m in isolation.

Therssalwaysachoice Sun 20-Dec-20 11:49:01

I went for a walk

sofiaaaaaa Sun 20-Dec-20 11:49:18

Exercised this morning. Nothing major, but made me feel like I have my shit together grin

ForestNymph Sun 20-Dec-20 11:50:18

Got up and got the kids dressed which isn't much but given we had 3hrs of sleep last night and DS1 had a meltdown, I'm happy with it.


needtowalkmore Sun 20-Dec-20 11:53:26

Had a takeaway hot chocolate with my 22 year old son. Doesn’t sound like a lot but after 15 years of anorexia I am really trying to recover properly so this small thing feels like a big step for me! My son said it was his best Christmas present ever!

pickingdaisies Sun 20-Dec-20 11:54:44

Nothing yet, but your question has just prompted me to get my arse off my sofa of self pity and go and do something

xmasfairybuns Sun 20-Dec-20 12:05:07

I got a teenager to vacuum the lounge with only one swear word. I'm winning 🤣

lljkk Sun 20-Dec-20 12:06:56

I wrapped most the presents & prepped most the stockings <place gold halo here>.

Teen/me are dragging each other out later for walk in winter sun & chips.

I'm fairly lost about what the actual I am going to do rest of week, though. Rain forecast, so maybe lots of swimming.

ZippedyDooDa Sun 20-Dec-20 12:10:54

Coloured my hair (hate doing it)
Swept the stairs
Unpacked the grocery delivery

C0nn1e Sun 20-Dec-20 12:11:27


Had a takeaway hot chocolate with my 22 year old son. Doesn’t sound like a lot but after 15 years of anorexia I am really trying to recover properly so this small thing feels like a big step for me! My son said it was his best Christmas present ever!

Huge achievement ⚘

Mine was cleaning the fridges.

yomellamoHelly Sun 20-Dec-20 12:14:39

Got up and did an exercise video, then had a shower and got dressed. Feels like a lot. Holiday just started, house is a shit-tip and am absolutely shattered. So am practising avoidance......

BettyOBarley Sun 20-Dec-20 12:16:33

Took the kids to the park at 9.30am even though I really wanted to just lay on the sofa.
DS4 has just finished 2 weeks isolation so he needed a good run!

DanceToTheMusicInMyHead Sun 20-Dec-20 12:20:57

I made bread sauce and parboiled the roast potatoes for Christmas dinner and put them in the freezer. Baked a cake with the kids. Tidied the kids' bedrooms. And, my biggest achievement, put away all the clean washing that has been gathering on the staircase all week! Hoping for a walk later

AwkwardSquad Sun 20-Dec-20 12:21:36

Made a batch of muesli, put a clothes wash in the machine, four mile walk which took in a small Christmas food shop at M&S food hall. Now for lunch and then probably a nap 😁

Lulu1919 Sun 20-Dec-20 12:25:02

I swapped my nightshirt for a t shirt !!!!!

Hotwaterbottlelove Sun 20-Dec-20 12:25:06

Fully up, showed and dressed before midday. Just realized I haven't done my makeup so will do that. It a big achievement for me on a sunday. Have also cleaned and wrapped two gifts that I have no idea if I will be able to give to the recipient.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 20-Dec-20 12:27:24

1x dishwasher load
Washed and dried first load of laundry
Unpacked the shopping.
Done some sewing.

Now for more laundry

TheYearOfSmallThings Sun 20-Dec-20 12:27:42

I managed to surreptitiously eat two chocolate stroepwaffels without DS (6) noticing and raising hell.

Heartofstrings Sun 20-Dec-20 12:29:06

I've made salt.dough with my kids...
I will clarify that this is my single and only achievement for the day and none of us are even dressed yet

Sololifeisgreat Sun 20-Dec-20 12:31:07

Had a shower
Went for a walk in the sunshine

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 20-Dec-20 12:34:00

Got dressed (if a slouchy merino cardigan and leggings can be described as dressed)
Went to the shop to buy mushrooms
Turned said mushrooms into brunch

RosieLemonade Sun 20-Dec-20 12:34:50

I did out DD’s toys. What a thankless, pointless task. But it looks good for now. We also had breakfast with Santa. Meant to do the food shop but no idea where to start with that so putting that off.

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