Neighbours- I want to say something, DH doesn't

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Sallycinnamum Sun 20-Dec-20 10:08:53

I need your advice wise MNetters and I'm not brave enough for AIBU!

Our new neighbours moved in during the summer. There are 4 adults and 2 children and on the whole they are lovely. They brought us some gifts over for Diwali and the kids are very sweet.

We literally don't hear a peep out of them during the day but at night from roughly 8PM to 10pm their two kids (6&8) both run up and down the lounge (no carpet) and scream and thump onto the floor.

It's got to bad I actually went to bed early on friday to get away from it!

I've been in their house a couple of times and they literally don't have any furniture bar one sofa so I think the noise is just bouncing off the walls.

I want to say something to our neighbours as I really don't think they know how much we can hear but DH says it's not that bad and at least they're not playing music all night long. I'm more of a nip it in the bud now and I want to enjoy sitting in my lounge at night rather than listen to the kids screaming.

I know living in a semi detached house has its problems and detached houses around here are close to a million so that's not going to happen but I wouldn't dream of letting my kids run up and down the lounge all night making such a racket.

Really not sure what is the best thing to do.

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drinkingwineoutofamug Sun 20-Dec-20 10:11:59

Buy them a rug to put in living room as a Christmas present?
We can hear NDN running up the stairs, teenagers screaming on Xbox and dogs barking .unfortunately what you get in a attached house . Sorry

Sallycinnamum Sun 20-Dec-20 10:13:48

Ha! Yes I did think of buying them a rug.

Tbh, I think they'd be upset if they knew I was bothered by it as they've really tried their best to be decent neighbours.

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Camomila Sun 20-Dec-20 10:18:24

That sounds like they are trying to do bedtime and the kids are messing about...not sure there's much you can do about it though, if they are nice neighbours the rest of the time I would probably just leave it. They are probably as annoyed at the bed time messing about as you are.

Sallycinnamum Sun 20-Dec-20 10:22:42

We did have to say something a while ago when they were hammering on the walls at 9PM but the dad was very apologetic.

Their kids do go to bed very late compared to ours and like I say during the day it's quiet and I'm sure we make noise too.

Our old neighbours had their grandchildren over every weekend and we didn't hear any noise so this has been a bit of a surprise that we can hear so much now.

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Hotchocolatewithcream Sun 20-Dec-20 10:23:48

I agree with your DH.

LadyLazaruss Sun 20-Dec-20 11:55:17

I'd leave it


CoronaIsWatching Sun 20-Dec-20 11:57:09

I'd say pick your battles, 2 hours of kids playing in the evening isn't really a big deal

Sallycinnamum Sun 20-Dec-20 12:48:08

Many thanks all. I think you're right. When you read some of the stories on here about nightmare neighbours I think we're lucky really.

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WorraLiberty Sun 20-Dec-20 13:00:12

Bed times don't exist for children in many cultures. Our Sri-Lankan nextdoor neighbour's kids were very similar when they were little, although luckily it didn't bother us too much.

A rug isn't going to make any difference as it's not going to cover the whole floor.

Perhaps next time you bump into them/see them over the fence you could subtly mention it, if it really gets too much.

LabiaMinoraPissusFlapus Sun 20-Dec-20 13:06:08

If it finishes at 10pm or thereabouts, I would let it go.

generallygenial Sun 20-Dec-20 13:08:28

Let it go, they sound generally lovely so it's not worth it, especially if you know they will feel terrible about it. It would be mean.

Sallycinnamum Sun 20-Dec-20 13:10:28

I dont think for one minute it's a deliberate action on their part to annoy us and their kids do seem to have very late bedtimes compared to ours.

Like I say, they are lovely and it's nice to have young children next door as they play with our DC out in the garden (obviously not at the moment!)

I don't want to make them feel they have to tiptoe around their own home!

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StanfordPines Sun 20-Dec-20 13:14:51

I would let it go. A couple of hours of that is liveable with to be honest. And how many years is that going to go on for?

WorraLiberty Sun 20-Dec-20 13:19:21


I would let it go. A couple of hours of that is liveable with to be honest. And how many years is that going to go on for?

Yes that's how we always looked at it.

The only time we ever said anything was when the little boy was bouncing a football off his/other side of our bedroom wall at 1am.

His parents obviously didn't realise and it never happened again.

Sallycinnamum Sun 20-Dec-20 19:22:55

Thanks for your comments and you're all right.

I saw the dad today and he said the two kids have been isolating and are climbing the walls although they finished today so he was taking them to the park.

I stopped myself from saying bouncing from the walls by the sounds of it!

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Blibbyblobby Sun 20-Dec-20 19:42:04

We live in a small terraced house and from time to time have neighbours with small children. The things that help are firstly, to remember kids are not kids very long - the noisy years pass. And secondly, to get to know the kids a bit so your brain interprets the noise as X and Y playing and being happy. (The latter only works if you like the family of course grin but since you do it might work for you.)

missbipolar Sun 20-Dec-20 19:50:01

Just say something and ask them stop. Your only going to get more annoyed by it if you don't.

ScrapThatThen Sun 20-Dec-20 20:01:29

I regret saying something in a similar situation. Keep a good relationship they are trying. And you've already said one thing.

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