If you're not in for an amazon delivery

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lucysmam Sun 20-Dec-20 10:07:37

& haven't specified a safe place from their list; do they leave it or take it back?

I need the delivery (some things for dd2's birthday). But I also need to nip out. & the email just says "up to 9pm)

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lucysmam Sun 20-Dec-20 10:08:16

Should have said, none of their list of safe places are do-able here

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WankPuffins Sun 20-Dec-20 10:09:27

They have always just left mine behind a bin or some other hiding place.

ScrapThatThen Sun 20-Dec-20 10:11:22

Leave a clear note saying back in a minute please leave parcel as long as you feel happy with that. You will probably not miss them anyway. I have a porch though so I can't really help.

Marmite27 Sun 20-Dec-20 10:11:55

In my experience they phone and shout at you, even if it’s not your name on the delivery!

I’ve had several nasty calls from them, as I said to one guy either leave it in the specified safe place or take it back. I won’t tell you what I said to the one that had the delivery that wasn’t for me that pulled me out of an important work meeting (because I thought it was nursery phoning).

insancerre Sun 20-Dec-20 10:14:11

They leave mine behind my wheelie bins or sometimes inside them
I haven't specified a safe place

Camomila Sun 20-Dec-20 10:14:40

Amazon just leave them in the lobby atm and you have to rummage for yours! (block of flats)


Nowaynothappening Sun 20-Dec-20 10:16:57

They put them in my greenhouse. I don’t think they ever take the parcels with them, always leave them in a ‘safe place’ (sometimes just on the doorstep).

nancy75 Sun 20-Dec-20 10:18:31

Mine just get left of the doorstep, whether I’m in or not!

snookercue Sun 20-Dec-20 10:20:19

They called me yesterday then took it back because I wasn't able to answer.

Caramel81 Sun 20-Dec-20 10:20:48

I’ve never had them take my parcel away with them. They always leave behind bin or throw it over my garden gate (had a few things arrive broken because of this)

shitinmyhandsandclap Sun 20-Dec-20 10:21:02

Twice they've left on our doorstep when we've been out unbeknownst to me. When I've checked where my deliveries are they said they've been left and a photo taken. Sadly both parcels haven't been there when I've got home

LolaSmiles Sun 20-Dec-20 10:22:25

My local delivery person calls and asks where we would like it leaving, or hides it and puts a note through telling us where they have put it.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 20-Dec-20 10:25:24

One of our drivers just leaves them on a random doorsteps somewhere on the street. Its like a scavenger hunt. Or somewhere random in the fade... If you are lucky, it's your own garden, not one of the empty houses...

cannaethink Sun 20-Dec-20 10:25:25

All delivery people seem to just leave parcels on my doorstep, for all to see. Amazingly none have gone missing. The safe place options don’t suit my house either but I usually just pick one in the hope they might be a bit inventive and choose somewhere better than the doorstep.

GlitterandBalloons Sun 20-Dec-20 10:29:07

We have never specified a place but they have always left them hidden in various places such as behind the gate, behind plant pots, in a bush etc. Then pop a note through with where it is.

sillysaussage Sun 20-Dec-20 10:30:40

Mine always leaves, sometimes propped up against door. Never had a call from them either.

Heartofstrings Sun 20-Dec-20 10:31:01

I had a £200 parcel left on my doorstep the other day. I reckon you'll get the parcel left somewhere

jomaIone Sun 20-Dec-20 10:31:29

Does it not depend who is delivering? Amazon doesn't deliver? It'll be Hermes, royal.mail or dpd?

Slipper2 Sun 20-Dec-20 10:31:53

We usually get a notification when they are a certain number of stops away, but maybe that's just when you use the app? Then one of us races home to get there before the driver. Ours usually just leave it in the garden if we miss it though, especially at the moment when they have so many drops to do each day.

EileenGC Sun 20-Dec-20 10:32:04

Mine are given to neighbours if I'm not in.

igotosleep Sun 20-Dec-20 10:32:31

They leave mine propped on my doorstep in full view. I’ve complained to Amazon so many times! They must think I live in a very safe area...

notangelinajolie Sun 20-Dec-20 10:33:49

They leave mine at the front door. Unless you have specified an alternative they will decide the best one for you.

tommika Sun 20-Dec-20 10:34:12

Here it is currently left on the doorstep and they ring the bell.
(In a village and the door is around the side)

With Amazon tracking you will her email updates as it’s dispatched and when it leaves the local depot.
In the tracking details it will be ‘out for delivery’ with a time window such as 18:00 to 19:00 and as it gets closer a map view with x stops away

You can monitor that before you pop out to see how likely it is to arrive while you are out

You can also use the tracker link to update the delivery instructions - eg when you’re out and it’s close you can say to put it by the door, in a box etc

snookercue Sun 20-Dec-20 10:38:17


Does it not depend who is delivering? Amazon doesn't deliver? It'll be Hermes, royal.mail or dpd?

I wonder where on earth you live that Amazon don't deliver to you?

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