Baby scan boy or girl?

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MargaretThursday Sat 29-May-21 19:55:39

I don't know, but it looks like it's smoking a pipe.


ChoccyLatte Sat 29-May-21 19:11:08

I can't make head nor tail of baby scans... hamburger? I can only make out the head and body. I really can't make anything else out

Pinkprincess209 Sat 29-May-21 19:01:54

@StrangeAddiction thank you . I think the same x

StrangeAddiction Sat 29-May-21 16:45:04

Op I would have said boy, can't see any "hamburger" to indicate a girl but @Pinkprincess209 I think yours is a girl.

Congratulations to you both whatever you have!

Pinkprincess209 Sat 29-May-21 15:19:53

I think girl. How lovely

What do you all think to mine x

hashbrownsandwich Fri 08-Jan-21 10:38:08

@Harvey19 I think the sonographer is wrong, MN know all grin

WalkingMeAway Wed 06-Jan-21 10:01:07

Wow! I was literally going to reply and say deffo a girl!
Congrats @Harvey19


Harvey19 Wed 06-Jan-21 09:24:57

Baby is a boy!

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hashbrownsandwich Sun 20-Dec-20 12:46:38

On the 2nd image you can see the labia. It's what can only be described as looking like a cartoon hamburger.

WankPuffins Sun 20-Dec-20 12:32:25


DandyLyon Sun 20-Dec-20 12:31:37

I think girl

BashfulClam Sun 20-Dec-20 12:26:32

I think girl.

Harvey19 Sun 20-Dec-20 11:56:54

Thanks for responding! I have a 13 month boy and I think comparing his scan to this it does look a bit different! What makes you think girl?

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GaraMedouar Sun 20-Dec-20 09:34:14

Girl !

hashbrownsandwich Sun 20-Dec-20 09:21:48

Deffo a girl.

Harvey19 Sun 20-Dec-20 09:21:23


Would love your opinions on whether you think scan is a boy or a girl! 😬
13 weeks + 4


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