New covid strain

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garlictwist Sun 20-Dec-20 04:50:11

Perhaps no one knows the answer to this yet but I was wondering if someone has already been ill with the original strain and are (theoretically and temporarily) immune, could they still catch and/or carry the bee strain as it's like a new disease?

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KihoBebiluPute Sun 20-Dec-20 08:26:33

A new strain doesn't mean it's a new disease - the mutation doesn't completely change it, it is just slightly adapted. My understanding is that the new strain has spikes that are somewhat "stickier" so the virus particles can more easily grab on to healthy cells in the body.

The overall shape of the virus is still broadly thr same and antibodies whether from previous infections or from immunisation would still be expected work in the same way. The immune response frfrom previous infection is much weaker than from immunisation though so I wouldn't expect much immunity if unvaccinated.

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