Coffee machines for hot strong long coffes

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cherrypiepie Sat 19-Dec-20 20:09:33

Have used for years a filter machine.

Tried a cheap espresso machine and and a nespresso (pixi?) and neither produced hot strong coffee for a large drink. I like white American or flat white. I like a crema on my coffee

The nespresso was like warm and half a cup - should have sent it back really die to the heat issue.

What about bean to cup or a more expensive nesspresso?

Any ideas please?!

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FortunesFave Sat 19-Dec-20 20:15:32

Have you tried a stovetop cafetiere? After years of shit machines, we got one of these but ours is's the BEST coffee.

We use beans and a little grinder...not ready ground. Long, strong coffee every morning and it's the best.

Pedallleur Sat 19-Dec-20 20:26:58

That's a bialetti. I prefer an Alessi Sapper which is stainless steel. Same job but doesn't have the aluminium issues

cherrypiepie Sat 19-Dec-20 20:37:34

I've had a stove top and agree they are the best coffee just hoping for something more automated and less messy!

Do you use it to make espresso then top up with hot water for an Americano? I think I should get anther one as one has long since broken.

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Mumdiva99 Sat 19-Dec-20 20:44:31

I lime similar coffee to you and don't get on with pods. I have a bialetti the coffee is great. But I covet a bean to cup machine.....i'm sure that would be amazing.

Hellotheresweet Sat 19-Dec-20 20:46:36

I do pods
But top up with some just boiled water

PurBal Sat 19-Dec-20 20:48:23

I personally find the stovetop the best coffee and less messy than machines.


Ragwort Sat 19-Dec-20 20:50:56

I've tried everything..... now just stick to an individual plastic filter cone on top of my mug - cheap, easy, simple!

I was very disappointed with my Nespresso - just gives me half a tiny cup of luke warm coffee confused.

FraughtwithGin Sat 19-Dec-20 20:55:13

Jura machines enable you to set both strength and quantity, but you need good beans in the first instance.

Bellabelles Sat 19-Dec-20 20:57:18

The nespresso vertuo makes a good long coffee and you can buy pods for different size coffees. Much better than the lungo pods that go with the pixie

gaggiagirl Sat 19-Dec-20 21:02:12

Coming here to say Nespresso vertuo too. I do agree your Nespresso must have had a fault. Mine serves boiling hot coffee. I have the latissima touch. I press the lungo button twice and use 2 pods for a mug of boiling strong coffee.

BazingaBaby Sat 19-Dec-20 21:08:51

We have a DeLonghi Magnifica bean to cup and honestly love it! Expensive yes but couldn't go back to pods now and our lovely machine is now 4 years old and going strong!

cherrypiepie Sat 19-Dec-20 21:13:16

@gaggiagirl that sounds about right with the two pods of lungo as that what I was using before. I will check out the vertuo

@Ragwort yes it so disappointing isn't it.

All check out the Jura thanks a wrote some great idea

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cherrypiepie Sat 19-Dec-20 21:14:26

@BazingaBaby was leaning toward a bean to cup. Does it do huge mugs of hot strong coffee?

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Halsall Sat 19-Dec-20 21:21:01

I have a Nespresso pixie and it makes a nice coffee for a decent-sized flat white - I'm really fussy about my coffee being super-hot too. You can adjust the amount it dispenses, as well. Like the PP, I use two pods and heat the milk.

I also have a bialetti and it's quite a comforting ritual to use them every morning, once you get into it smile

Kseason Sat 19-Dec-20 21:23:14

Another vote for DeLonghi Magnifica - great for strong coffees and flat whites. Used it every day for 4 years and recently upgraded to a more high-end model.

Halsall Sat 19-Dec-20 21:23:55

Sorry, just seen you're probably investigating the Jura smile

cherrypiepie Sat 19-Dec-20 21:42:15

@Halsall I'm exploring all options! Grateful to have all the Input and hopefully helpful to others too. Thank you.

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Talipesmum Sat 19-Dec-20 21:57:38

What about a cafetière? We use one all the time - make it quite strong, froth up some hot milk a bit, and mix. Makes big lovely cups of coffee.

OxanaVorontsova Sat 19-Dec-20 22:01:08

We have a Delonghi bean to cup that will make pretty much any coffee we ask it to

helloxhristmas Sat 19-Dec-20 22:18:07

Can't beat a cafetière- I like a mug of coffee, got rid of my nespresso and the dolce gusto was even worse.

cherrypiepie Sat 19-Dec-20 22:18:45

Thank you all!

I have decide that I will get a bean to cup- probably Delonghi as the Jura is many £££.

I have been out off Nespresso with the last rogue purchase.

I may also get a new stove top of the espresso is rubbish from the bean to cup. Headed over to you tube to see some videos!

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cherrypiepie Sat 19-Dec-20 22:19:33

Cafetières are too messy for me - shows how lazy I am!

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cataline Sat 19-Dec-20 22:19:54


Another vote for DeLonghi Magnifica - great for strong coffees and flat whites. Used it every day for 4 years and recently upgraded to a more high-end model.

We got one this year and it's fabulous

Rufffles Sat 19-Dec-20 22:21:01

I love my coffee strong, hot and long, and I thoroughly recommend an Aeropress! It's changed my life.

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