Oh funny women of MN, please help me lighten my leaden dating profile

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DolphinDreams Sat 19-Dec-20 18:01:20

Taking the plunge ... but the profile is so hard. I come across as utterly humourless. Please, I beg, help me not to sound like Joan of Arc crossed with Margaret Thatcher.

First task: list of things I don't like.
I have all the serious ones but need something silly

2nD task:
Things your partner should know about you :
Again, have a few lame, predictable things but ... amusing?

Very grateful for any suggestions 🙏🏼


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Hattifatteneners Sat 19-Dec-20 18:26:52

What site are you on?

Unless it's essential, I would steer clear of anything negative. I have been online dating recently and I don't like seeing guys stating what they don't want in a woman...Apologies if I have misunderstood your first point though...something fillipant (pineapple on pizza?)

Second point; again I wouldn't go into loads of detail personally. And if you force something humourous that isn't 'you' it'll become clear.

On one of my dating profiles I essentially bullet pointed (cups of tea, walks by the sea, owner of two little humans).

I am sure people with be along with differing opinions. Only share what you are comfortable with though. Have you looked at anyone else's profile yet? What attracts you to their profiles? A bit of mirroring wouldn't hurt I imagine (as long as it's not copied word for word...)

yellowhighheels Sat 19-Dec-20 18:51:32

What were you thinking of putting on the list of what you don't want? Not sure this will come over well unless it's very jokey, which doesn't sound like your style (not in a bad way!). I'd say a 'no smokers please' at the end is ok but better to focus on what you do want.

I always swipe left when a man lists what he doesn't want (a lot do). It just reads as negative and bossy.

For the second, what about a list of your interests, including anything a bit quirky or unusual you like as a talking point. Bullet points are a good idea.

I wouldn't try and force humour. The problem is, people have such different ideas of what's funny that a great dark or cheesy, sarcastic or arch sense of humour that in real life is an addition to a great personality can come across in a profile as cringey or snidey.

I know it sounds a bit like I'm saying 'be bland and neutral'. I promise I'm not, it's just that humour doesn't always work in the little snapshot you have of someone's personality and tastes that you get in a dating profile. You could have some pics of you looking happy and smiling to show your fun side.

Quads4x4 Sat 19-Dec-20 23:29:43

Why are you personality catfishing? Just put something in your own voice.

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