Who else is working over Christmas?

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TravellingSpoon Sat 19-Dec-20 12:39:12

Has the off duty been kind this year?

Mine has and I am thrilled. Late shift Christmas Eve, then back on a long day on the 27th and 28th, then late on NYD.

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HeelsHandbagPerfumeCoffee Sat 19-Dec-20 15:06:23

I’m working Xmas off and new year,we sort it so you get one or the other
We have all had a ghastly year and will just make the best of it, and crack on

vodkaredbullgirl Sat 19-Dec-20 15:09:31

Working Christmas night, boxing night and the Sunday. New years eve off, working New years night.

Rememberallball Sat 19-Dec-20 16:14:06

DH works for test & trace; he’s off tomorrow for a family birthday then has no idea what he’s working over Christmas as his bosses won’t actually publish a rota for next week 🤬🤬

We have a nasty feeling he will be working all week so won’t actually get a Christmas - not that we can plan with no advance warning. He’s going to have to log in at 7:45am on Monday in case he is on the early shift!!

bellalou1234 Sat 19-Dec-20 16:30:32

I'm in from tuesday until christmas day. Least I finish at 13.30 and have a few days off after. My third chritmas in work! Last year I was nightshift xmas day and it was the worst..

MaMisled Sat 19-Dec-20 16:31:24

8pm to 8am Christmas night and NY Eve😕😕😕

Nicknacky Sat 19-Dec-20 16:35:16

I’m in Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Thankfully I have Christmas Day off.


daisypond Sat 19-Dec-20 16:40:03

I’m working Christmas Day, Boxing Day and NYE.

originalusernamefail Sat 19-Dec-20 16:40:05

Long day Boxing Day, then nights 30th-3rd. Husband has been crapped on though L Xmas eve Long Boxing Day and 27th. Long NYE and E NYD. I'm sure he only got Xmas day off as his place shuts 😡

thismeansnothing Sat 19-Dec-20 16:42:02

Working tonight, Sunday and Monday night.

Then back in boxing day night for three nights

youlittlecharmer Sat 19-Dec-20 16:48:28

@rememberallball my DH has the same problem! Absolute shambles.

WildRosie Sat 19-Dec-20 17:27:18

I'm off 22nd to 24th, on call Christmas Day, then on duty all of Boxing Day and half of the 27th. All subject to change. I'm on nightshift tonight, tomorrow and Monday.

MWNA Sat 19-Dec-20 17:30:49

I volunteered to work the 25th.

Rememberallball Sat 19-Dec-20 18:39:43


*@rememberallball* my DH has the same problem! Absolute shambles.

@youlittlecharmer, does your DH work for the same people? DH has finished work now with his team leader agreeing to email him if they get an answer about his leave (he asked on November 3rd for leave from now till new year) otherwise he will have to be ready to work through Christmas from 8am Monday!!

youlittlecharmer Sat 19-Dec-20 18:58:14

@rememberallball starts with an S? Yep. He's happy to take time unpaid even though he has holiday owing, the rota was done with that in place and then wiped on Thursday and they were told the same as your DH! So frustrating but just glad we don't have any big plans this year anyway.

SweetFelicityArkright Sat 19-Dec-20 19:08:58

Off Christmas Eve, 8am-10pm Christmas Day, off Boxing Day, nights New Year.
Cheers Boris for removing my ability to see my family at all by only allowing mixing on Christmas Day while I'm working a 14 hour shift. Be 11 before I get home, can't see anyone at all except work colleagues/residents now over Christmas, was planning on spending Boxing Day at my mum's.
Think it's a massive kick in the teeth to everyone in this situation, because it's highly likely we've been the ones working all through it anyway to be working at Christmas time, you know, the ones clapped for and called heroes.
Didn't particularly like that sentiment but it's clear this ruling has been made by someone who doesn't have to work Christmas isn't it.
I'll get over it, just feels a bit shit right now.

Rememberallball Sat 19-Dec-20 19:43:57


*@rememberallball* starts with an S? Yep. He's happy to take time unpaid even though he has holiday owing, the rota was done with that in place and then wiped on Thursday and they were told the same as your DH! So frustrating but just glad we don't have any big plans this year anyway.

There are 2 S companies that provide staff to T&T (DH’s is an American company with an office in Plymouth) and he originally had time off on Friday 25th then that was wiped today - and apparently there’s some meeting tomorrow with no official word from ‘on high’!! DH will work what he’s allocated but it’s crap this late on!!

chesterfuckingdraws Sat 19-Dec-20 20:08:03

Working 22/23/24/25/26/27 then 31/1/2/3/4/5.....They joys of working for the emergency services.

After tonight's announcements I'm not that fussed I'm having to work but I'm a bit miffed I can spend all that time with colleagues in close vicinity but I can't see my family for a walk or something outdoors.

WingingWonder Sat 19-Dec-20 20:23:23

2 days leave atm but expecting 1 of those to now be cancelled.
After yesterday’s yay me finished for jollibob sociL media fanfares, texts about activities for kids and today’s announcement I’m done.

plominoagain Sat 19-Dec-20 20:41:56

Working nights on 23rd and 24th , finishing at 0700 on Christmas Day, then driving home and off until the 30th . First Christmas off in 14 YEARS !

Tiggles Sat 19-Dec-20 20:42:58

Christmas eve, Christmas day and Sunday 27th.
So boxing day off. Thanks Boris hmm

Rememberallball Mon 21-Dec-20 03:07:17

@youlittlecharmer, did your DH get his schedule for this week at all? Mine got an email from the ‘S’ company telling him they were releasing leave slots at 16:30 so he went up and was able to request leave for 21, 22 & 23; he also noticed on the unofficial list that he was down to work 8-4:30 all week but 10-6 on Christmas Day with 4-6pm blocked out as A/L. His TL was apparently going through all the requests but nothing was finalised when he checked in again at 19:50 and still no schedule for today and the rest of the week so he has to be up and logged in for 8am start this morning (not the best night for the twins (16m tomorrow) to have a no sleep session at 1:30am - hence my being up and on mn at 3am!!

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