Christmas cards from nursery friends

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MaggieFS Fri 18-Dec-20 19:37:10

DS (2) has received a Christmas card from one of his friends at nursery. It hadn't even crossed my mind to do this blush. DS is pleased to have a card 'that's from Joe' in the same way he's saying 'that's from auntie Mary'. I don't really have the inclination to do cards for the whole group - or should I? We haven't received any others. Do I:
A. Do nothing
B. WhatsApp Joe's mum to thank Joe and apologise for being disorganised and not doing cards
C. Write one just for Joe
D. Do one for everyone

I still feel very new to nursery politics! Certainly next year DS might get more involved in drawing and we could do some together. What's normal?

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Xerochrysum Fri 18-Dec-20 19:45:24

If your ds was pleased, at least do one for Joe. Reciprocate the joy he has given to your ds. That's what I would do, if I can't be bothered to do others.

User56770987 Fri 18-Dec-20 19:54:31

Do nothing
Don't encourage this nonsense
Honestly some people need a hobby. I am sure I sound very mean spirited but I have had such a pressure filled time recently with work and Christmas prep that writing cards to forty odd 3 Yr old children is about 50 billionth on my to do list. Some things just have to go...

I'm saying that I'm not in the market for new mum friends and my dc nursery is massive so unlikely to be noticed. A few sent cards but 3 or 4. I suppose it would be nice to say thanks for the card if you see her.

SebastianTheCrab Fri 18-Dec-20 19:59:22

I was considering doing it at my son's nursery but didn't want to be seen as too OTT. Then he received a couple - including one homemade one with a Christmas tree handprint. I can only imagine how much hassle it was to make 🙄

I think it's sweet though.

In America they do it for all the festivals - including Valentine's Day, where everyone gives out cards and sweets to the rest of the class. So weird!

Curlysusie Fri 18-Dec-20 20:03:33


BridgetJonesDaiquiri Fri 18-Dec-20 22:23:37

Just send one back to Joe.

We've done cards for the 8 or so friends that have sent DD (3) a card. When I say "done" I literally just mean a multipack card with my DDs name and her squiggle. I can't do any more as DD only started a couple of months ago and I've no idea what all the kids names are!

It's a faff but DD enjoys posting the letters in the nursery postbox etc

GrannieD Sun 20-Dec-20 09:54:28

Both DGS are in nursery and parents told not to exchange cards etc. They were not allowed to take cup cakes in for their birthday either


BoattoBolivia Sun 20-Dec-20 10:30:50

Apart from Covid, I always refused to engage in the Christmas card nonsense until my children were old enough to say they wanted to send cards AND write them themselves. I just couldn't encourage the idea that I had the time to write out cards to my children's friends. If Ds says he wants to give Joe a card, then let him do that one. But I wouldn't be handing in any now anyway- both the school I work at and my ds' school said no cards this year.

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