Bullet journal?

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georgedawes Fri 18-Dec-20 07:26:00

My 10 year old announced yesterday that she wants to do this in the new year, having seen it on YouTube. I was thinking this may be a good last minute present but Google is not my friend! Would it be more a case of getting supplies rather than a lot? Any tips?

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georgedawes Fri 18-Dec-20 07:26:19

Should read kit rather than lot

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DazzlePaintedBattlePants Fri 18-Dec-20 07:27:44

I am a BuJo convert and it has changed my life grin

I started out 2 years ago with a Leuchtturm dotted notebook and a pen, that’s it. I now have some coloured fineliners and have asked for some brush pens for Christmas. You can make it as fancy or as plain as you like, but as an organisational tool it’s hard to beat.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Fri 18-Dec-20 07:27:44

You can get nice bullet pads from Amazon for £10-£15, a nice set of fine nib gel pens & maybe some highlighter to get her started smile

readit Fri 18-Dec-20 07:28:40

The Scribbles That Matter books are good and would probably appeal (bright, patterned covers) and the paper is thick so no bleed through. They also do a nice pen set and both are available from Amazon

SionnachRua Fri 18-Dec-20 07:29:37

I think supplies rather than a kit, yes. Does she want a dotted notebook? A particular kind like the Leuchtturm?

Strictly speaking, bullet journals are meant to be form over function. However a 10 year old might want to do the pretty spread pages (all over Youtube and Insta) and decorate so stickers/washi tape/ nice pens might be a good shout. You'll know your own child best.

ExpensivelyDecorated Fri 18-Dec-20 07:29:37

I use Moleskine notebooks and a ballpoint pen for mine, some coloured fineliners would be a nice addition as a gift.


SionnachRua Fri 18-Dec-20 07:31:26

Whoops, I think that should say function over form! Too early in the morning for me and MN grin

BebeStevens Fri 18-Dec-20 07:32:02

Cute washi tape and some lovely fineliners would make a great stocking filler smile

BogRollBOGOF Fri 18-Dec-20 09:01:32

I do mine with a dotted Moleskeine, black fineliner and pencil crayon. Plus stickers.

georgedawes Fri 18-Dec-20 20:13:00

Thank you all this is really helpful!

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