Hot chocolate bomb things, worth it?

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GunnerPunner Tue 08-Dec-20 17:38:58

Ive seen these have become fashionable... Are they any good or do you just get a random sugary mess in a cup of warm milk?!

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prunetang Tue 08-Dec-20 17:43:25

My husband had one at a restaurant a few months back and it looked crap to be honest. I didn't have one as I don't do diary, but he seemed less than impressed. Once the chocolate had melted, the milk had barely changed colour (as you'd expect from something like a hot chocolate) Not very chocolatey at all was the over all impression.

Jenje Tue 08-Dec-20 17:58:31

A Lindor truffle with milk (or coffee) poured over is delicious and blends much better.

MustardMitt Tue 08-Dec-20 18:17:49

I’ve bought some from Home Bargains for stockings. £1 each.

MustardMitt Tue 08-Dec-20 18:18:04

They might be shit but at least I haven’t spent much!

TheWashingMachine Tue 08-Dec-20 18:21:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IliveonCoffee Tue 08-Dec-20 18:59:27

Oh I was wondering about these. Have been debating getting these for christmas eve, getting normal stirrers or just getting a tub of either hotel chocolat or whittards chocolate...


RunGinSleepRepeat Tue 08-Dec-20 19:17:34

Aldi have a cheaper version

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 08-Dec-20 19:26:30

Not tried it yet but I got a vegan one for DD ( regular marshmallows aren't vegetarian) its dark chocolate so should be quite flavoursome

Iwant2beJKRwhenIgrowUp Tue 08-Dec-20 19:36:59


A Lindor truffle with milk (or coffee) poured over is delicious and blends much better.

This is a fantastic idea!

I was going to make some, as forking out for 5 of us costs a small fortune.

Plus I get to eat the extrasgrin

Bustenhalter Tue 08-Dec-20 19:45:12

Saw something online where someone used kinder eggs- opened them, removed toy, replaced with cocoa and marshmallows, then melted the edges slightly to reseal. Might have a go

nancybotwinbloom Tue 08-Dec-20 20:18:56

I saw that too @Bustenhalter it looked good didn't it.

Although it looked a massive faff and I am
Not sure if I could pull it off.

Matilda1981 Tue 08-Dec-20 20:21:42

I bought some from a lady at The Chocoate Barn ( ), I have to admit they were the most delicious hot chocolates I have ever had!

LubaLuca Tue 08-Dec-20 20:24:29

I got a couple of the 99p ones from Home Bargains. My kids thought they were really nice, and they did look and smell good, so they were worth the money. It's a nice novelty anyway.

Holothane Tue 08-Dec-20 20:25:02

Oooh the lintle idea brilliant.

user1936863452 Tue 08-Dec-20 20:28:19

Are we just talking about a block of chocolate attached to a wooden spoon here?!

RizzleDrizzle Tue 08-Dec-20 20:29:05


A Lindor truffle with milk (or coffee) poured over is delicious and blends much better.

I literally thought about doing this a few days ago after watching several make your own hot chocolate bomb videos.

Last time I melted chocolate I totally burnt it and it ceased in to an inedible rock,

But I quite liked the idea of making a rich hot chocolate that way.

Thank you for confirming it does actually work

chocolatespiders Tue 08-Dec-20 20:31:05

These are loved by my DD

RizzleDrizzle Tue 08-Dec-20 20:34:40


Are we just talking about a block of chocolate attached to a wooden spoon here?!

No not quite, but I’m sure it does come from the lump of chocolate attached to a spoon/popicle stick that you stirred in your hot milk that was a tread a few years ago.

No it’s a chocolate shell that has a bit of cocoa power, and maybe some extras (marshmallows, Nutella, chilli, sprikles that will float) it’s put in a mug or tall glass and you pour you hot milk over it

Bipbopbee Tue 08-Dec-20 20:44:00

I’m going to try making chocolate stirrers by pouring melted chocolate into an ice cube tray then sticking a mint candy cane in. Then it’s a hot mint chocolate stirrer grin

RizzleDrizzle Tue 08-Dec-20 20:46:24

This is what people are meaning

Iwantacookie Tue 08-Dec-20 20:50:33

I tried the coop one. Not worth the money in my opinion much prefer to make my own for cheaper.

Starlightstarbright1 Tue 08-Dec-20 20:54:27

I saw my friends picture of one i think her child must of dropped it in from a big height🙈

user1936863452 Tue 08-Dec-20 20:55:47

RizzleDrizzle Oh, I see. Thank you for explaining. I only managed to spot the stirrer things when I followed the other link upthread.

Fun idea. Not sure I have the patience necessary!

BefuddledPerson Tue 08-Dec-20 20:59:40

I make stirrers, they are lovely, very easy, make four for £2.

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