Unusual/alternative Christmas songs

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SisterNight Sun 06-Dec-20 13:49:33

My Christmas playlist needs an update so feel free to add any suggestions to this thread for favourites I might not have heard of.

I'll offer up The Unthanks - Tar Barrel in Dale and The Mediaeval Babes - Gaudete

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OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Sun 06-Dec-20 13:51:55

The imagined village:winter singing.
Thea Gilmore: strange communion (whole album)

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Sun 06-Dec-20 13:54:05

And obviously bellowhead's Christmassy bits and stuff like Bruce's Santa Clause is coming to town. And general folky stuff from Kate Rusby's many festive albums.

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Sun 06-Dec-20 13:56:54

To me, Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys is a Christmas album. I know it isn't, but it sounds like Christmas.

Inextremis Sun 06-Dec-20 13:59:18

Sarah McLachlan - Song For A Winter's Night

It's lovely smile

Scumble Sun 06-Dec-20 14:03:47

Glasvegas - A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss). Reminds me so much of my university days in Scotland. It's beautiful.

LordEmsworth Sun 06-Dec-20 14:05:04

Barenaked Ladies, Barenaked For The Holidays


Pieceofpurplesky Sun 06-Dec-20 14:05:45

Have a listen to She and Him. The very lovely Zoeey Deschenal (sp?)

BearSoFair Sun 06-Dec-20 14:08:53

Skinny Lister - Christmas Calls

'Say goodbye to this mess
Let us try to forget
For tonight Christmas calls
To the song surrender
It only can get better
Let us be together as Christmas calls'

Seems quite fitting for 2020!

StillDumDeDumming Sun 06-Dec-20 14:42:05

Oh bums lost my post!

Handsome Family - Blue Christmas (it’s bleak though so only if you’re not having a truly terrible time)

Rufus Wainwright- is it called ‘it’s Christmas’?

Staple Singers - who took the Merry out of Christmas -

JoanneCofton Sun 06-Dec-20 14:48:28

River by Joni Mitchell

Stompythedinosaur Sun 06-Dec-20 14:49:11

Tim Minchen White Wine in the Sun.

ImNotMeImSomeoneElse Sun 06-Dec-20 14:53:03

Ho ho fucking ho by Kevin Bloody Wilson.

Not suitable for children..

musicmum75 Sun 06-Dec-20 14:55:26

Any of Kate Rusby's Christmas albums. There are quite a few!

WildRosie Sun 06-Dec-20 15:01:12

Gaudete by Steeleye Span. I think it's got some connection with Yule or Christmas. For some reason or other, SS other hit, All Around My Hat, seems to be popular at this time of year. It charted in December 1975 but otherwise has nothing to do with Christmas.

TinkersRucksack Sun 06-Dec-20 15:02:40

I too love Gaudete. It's quite haunting, but in a good way.....

m0use Sun 06-Dec-20 15:04:26

Murder by Death - the Lonesome Holiday ep

Nuffaluff Sun 06-Dec-20 15:06:51

Charlie Brown Christmas album by the Vince Guaraldi trio.

freezedriedromance Sun 06-Dec-20 15:08:25

Maria Mena - Home for Christmas
Megan Trainer (sp?) - I'll Be Home

SteveHarringtonsHair Sun 06-Dec-20 16:51:32

“Driving under stars” by Marina Hackman and “Christmas in LA” by The Killers are two good ones I’ve discovered this year OP.

SteveHarringtonsHair Sun 06-Dec-20 16:51:57

Marika Hackman

BalthazarImpresario Sun 06-Dec-20 17:49:42

The killers have done loads. Great big sled, don’tshoot me Santa, happy birthday guadalupe among others

BexleyRae Sun 06-Dec-20 17:52:21

She came home for Christmas by Mew, beautiful song

jaimebravo Sun 06-Dec-20 17:56:31

Weezer have a Christmas e.p - Christmas with Weezer and its decent enough.
Failing that, Sia has a Christmas album which could be a guilty pleasureblush

Brens13 Sun 06-Dec-20 19:13:53

Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler have a good Christmas album, with songs such as Zombie Christmas and Jesus the Reindeer.

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