Hair loss help!

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Autumn101 Fri 04-Dec-20 17:48:58

This year I have lost a lot of hair, it’s noticeably thinner and I’ve frequently pulled out handfuls when brushing it. I’d estimate I’ve lost at least a third of my hair volume in the last 6 months

I had a bad case of thyroiditis earlier this year, I’m in recovery now but it was extremely stressful and made me really poorly for a good few months. I have also moved country, DC in new schools, separated from DH, had a gynae op - I haven’t felt particularly stressed but it is a stressful situation I suppose!

Anyway the hair is getting me down, my hair has always been one of my better features so it’s a bit depressing to see the difference! I know it’s a bit of a vanity thing and it’s far more important that I’ve recovered but I’d like to try and improve it a bit.

My bloods are normal now and endocrinologist says it is just an unfortunate side effect of a thyroid issue.

What supplements can anyone recommend to help?? Or any products??

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NonsensicalHair Sun 10-Jan-21 19:37:41

Losing your hair is so distressing. Sounds like you had a lot going on all at once - stressful events can affect your hair. I don't know anything about thyroiditis, are you on medication? If you're in recovery from it, does the endocrinologist think your hair loss will settle down, given time?

Are you using volumising products, shampoo, conditioner, etc?

partyatthepalace Sun 10-Jan-21 19:58:57

Blimey you’ve had a lot going on.

I think the first thing to do is check hormone levels and other core medical things. Supplements can help a bit I think, but they won’t solve a major problem

Saying that it is possible it will make its way back naturally, but best to tackle in case not

Some dermatologists also specialise in hair. Try and find one rather than the hair clinics that just take ££££ off you. Saying that Philip Kingsley clinic has a good rep.

Could it also be peri menopause??

Shouldhavedoneitsooner Sun 10-Jan-21 20:01:26

I lost lots of hair this year partly due to Covid I think so can totally sympathise. My doctor took blood tests and prescribed me zinc supplements. It does seem to be growing a little thicker again.

billy1966 Sun 10-Jan-21 20:09:28

First of all, don't be upset at being upset.

It is very very stressful to find your hair thinning.

Stress is a huge factor as can general health.
Google and review the good supplements and go on them for 6 months.
It's a cost effective way of taking action.

If you don't feel any benefit, seek further advice.

Nut protein is supposed to be very in a couple of small handfuls, early in the day.
Peanuts are a cheap sourse if you don't have a problem with them.

udnertheradar Sun 10-Jan-21 22:12:11

I lost a lot of hair this year too. The trichologist recommended Florisene. Hope yours grows back soon x

Autumn101 Tue 12-Jan-21 02:41:02

Thanks for the replies x

All my bloods are currently normal, I have monthly checks from the thyroiditis as it’s likely my thyroid is permanently damaged and will become under active. The endocrinologist does think my hair will stop coming out and recover eventually. He believes it’ll be a 12/18 month recovery from the condition so I’m guessing my hair will take a while!

I’ve just started with a zinc supplement, also on iron and vitamin D as my levels were on the normal range for both but right at the bottom end.

Fingers crossed..........

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lifestooshort123 Tue 12-Jan-21 07:22:00

Good luck! A biotin tablet every day might help but don't waste money on viviscal - I spent a fortune over 18 months with nothing to show for it.

BaggoMcoys Tue 12-Jan-21 07:29:12

I've been taking: vitamin d, vitamin e, a multi vitamin b and a vitamin c. Not sure if they all help with hair growth, but I'm taking them for overall health, and the hair I lost a few years ago has finally started to grow back. I have longish hair and then all around the top of my head I have new hair that's grown to about the length of a fringe! I had given up on my hair ever growing back. It fell out about 4 years ago when I was in a controlling relationship with seemingly no escape. I had gone from having very bouncy, thick hair, to very thin and lank hair. I've been taking the vitamins I mentioned sporadically for about 1.5years until 6 months-ish ago when I began taking them every day. It really looks as though all the hair I lost is coming back now!

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