New to ttc asking for some help with implantation bleeding and periods!

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Allthegearnoidea1 Mon 30-Nov-20 19:31:16

Hi ladies! I’ve just joined Mumsnet and I’m wondering if some of you could help me / share your experiences! This is my second cycle of trying to conceive and I can’t believe how obsessed/ consumed I am with it already! I have been using the clear blue digital ovulation tests to find my high and peak fertility. I also suffer from endometriosis however I am still hopeful of my chances to conceive!

So 9dpo I saw some spotting in the evening, I got excited and hoped it could be implantation bleeding. I had some more spotting the next day at 10dpo, still only one or two drops on these days. I took a pregnancy test 11dpo morning and it was negative.. later that day, I had more spotting brown in colour and realised I was out the game. 12dpo some more light bleeding but red this time, so I admitted to defeat to aunt flow! I thought I had just came on early. However today, Monday (13dpo) I have had absolutely nothing? I was sure today would be the day of some heavy flow. I’m so confused? Spotting for 3 days and red for 1 day then nothing? My periods are usually very red and very heavy. My boobs have felt tender and my partner and mum both commented on how big they have looked the past few days but I put it down to my period even though this was unusual.

I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced this much bleeding and received a positive?? I always thought implantation bleeding lasted no longer than two days and couldn’t be red in colour. So confused! Trying not to get my hopes up again as it’s hard when they get crushed! Implantation bleeding stories/ opinions welcome!! Xxxx

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Mummywiggle5 Sun 10-Jan-21 01:23:16

This is exactly how I am right now 11Dpo and I thought they came 4 days early too

Allthegearnoidea1 Sun 10-Jan-21 03:59:34

Thnykou for sharing! It’s unbearable, unfortunately I didn’t come of bfp but hoping you will!! Xx

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NoWordForFluffy Sun 10-Jan-21 07:46:33

Have a read of the Conception board on here. You'll find loads of helpful advice.

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