Welsh chocolates - help me find this shop please

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NowImmeagain Fri 27-Nov-20 20:54:29

About 7 or 8 years ago I ordered some beautiful individual chocolates from a shop in Wales. I'd like to order some again this year, but can't find an email order confirmation, so can't remember the name of the shop.

I think there were 9 in a box, the box was beautiful, the chocolates were beautiful, hand made, I think it cost about £10.

Has anyone any idea which shop this could be?

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mejon Fri 27-Nov-20 21:02:02

sarahbunton.co.uk/ based in Devil's Bridge?

FAQs Fri 27-Nov-20 21:03:03

I was going to say Sarah Bunton

Notanothernamechanged101 Fri 27-Nov-20 21:06:01

North or South?
Any of these featured here?

Box of 12 £14.99

NowImmeagain Fri 27-Nov-20 21:10:20

Thanks for the replies.

I don't think Welsh was in the shop name, but I'm not 100% sure.

It could be Sarah Bunton, they look beautiful. It's the beautiful packaging that stuck in my mind.

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RightYesButNo Fri 27-Nov-20 21:11:11

Everyone does seem to do 12 now. Wicked Welsh and Sarah Bunton are both old enough (were around 7-8 years ago) as was Chocolate House. www.chocolate-house.co.uk/
12 for £12 - www.chocolate-house.co.uk/product-page/box-of-12-luxury-handmade-chocolates

NowImmeagain Fri 27-Nov-20 21:17:35

Im so annoyed that I can't find an email confirmation from my previous order angry

I'm not sure if north or south Wales blush

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mejon Fri 27-Nov-20 21:51:39

Devil's Bridge is in the middle grin!

ellsbellls Fri 27-Nov-20 21:59:35

So Cocoa in Mumbles?

whynotwhen Fri 27-Nov-20 22:02:54

Cocoa therapy based in Cardiff?
(Although I think they're a new company, but gorgeous chocs)

youngestisapsycho Fri 27-Nov-20 22:19:12


NowImmeagain Fri 27-Nov-20 22:37:03

I think I'd remember if it was in the mumbles .. my ex husband came from down that way grin

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Mykittensmittens Fri 27-Nov-20 22:43:30

Rather a lot to be possibles!

In my neck of of the woods there is Ty Siocled in Caernarfon (handmade on the premises) m.facebook.com/tysiocledcaernarfon/

Also chocolate box siocled in Menai bridge www.chocolateboxsiocled.co.uk/

RightYesButNo Fri 27-Nov-20 23:31:58


I don’t think either of those companies are old enough (Ty Siolced - opened 2016, Chocolate Box Siocled - 2018). OP said she ordered 7-8 years ago. They do both look lovely, though!

Gordonsgrin Fri 27-Nov-20 23:34:33

@NowImmeagain is it called Heavenly?


NowImmeagain Sat 28-Nov-20 16:48:30

None of these ring a bell, but Sarah Bunton looks closest. It's the beautiful packaging I remember, thought someone might remember that?

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spiderlight Sat 28-Nov-20 17:04:55

www.cocoandco.co.uk/ in Cowbridge?

NowImmeagain Sat 28-Nov-20 20:31:21

I don't think so. Thanks though.

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NowImmeagain Mon 14-Dec-20 17:23:10

If anyone's interested, I found the shop!

It's this one.


Just ordered a box for Christmas fsmile

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Gotthetshirt23 Sun 17-Jan-21 14:11:01

You were right !

Gordonsgrin Sun 17-Jan-21 20:49:03

Hurrah for me!

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