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BBC have 'pulled out the stops' for Christmas TV

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Ifailed Tue 24-Nov-20 05:25:47

...and the best they came come up with is Mrs fucking Brown! A Les Dawson drag act from the 70s - it wasn't funny then and it still isn't now.
Surely they could have done better?

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MrsTerryPratchett Tue 24-Nov-20 05:33:40

British comedy is world beating, and that shite is what they put up. Fucking hell.

FrolickingLemon Tue 24-Nov-20 05:53:44

But isn't there going to be a Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special? I heard it mentioned.

Fucking hate Mrs Brown. Awful bloody thing.

Frannibananni Tue 24-Nov-20 05:58:24

Hasn’t there already been a Mrs Brown Christmas special?

Dirtyblondewideroots Tue 24-Nov-20 06:08:17

Aren't they a bit limited in actually making new stuff though??

Callmecordelia Tue 24-Nov-20 06:17:09

I don't understand. There's loads of programmes mentioned on that link. You've focused on one you don't like, which I don't like much either, but lots of people do.

I am astonished they've made so much, I'm really impressed.

Caelano Tue 24-Nov-20 06:17:41

Really depressing that it’s the best they can come up with. Mrs brown is total shit. Apparently another gem is a special game show hosted by Miranda - another totally unfunny person who imagines she’s some sort of comic genius. I mean, really?

FlamingGoat Tue 24-Nov-20 06:20:32

At least Dr Who and Call the Midwife is on. Although I still haven't watched last years CTM 🤭

Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 24-Nov-20 06:24:52

I read an article on how Casualty is filmed... I was rather impressed.
We could only be watching repeats and Boris by now if the production companies hadn't shown some innovation and initiative.

Quirrelsotherface Tue 24-Nov-20 06:30:44

Oh FFS. Christmas TV is shit these days. Doesn't matter that they've not been able to make new stuff, why don't they repeat some stuff from years ago because that would be better than Mrs Fucking Brown!!! Who watches that absolute shite. To me it's something that they should bury on BBc2, I don't believe it's got a primetime audience. Bizarre.

sashh Tue 24-Nov-20 06:31:45

Oh bloody hell, are we getting the 1973 Morecambe and Wise and and The Great Escape?

movingonup20 Tue 24-Nov-20 06:34:47

There was quite a few things mentioned, if you read the full article it's talks about the challenges of filming rather than personal taste. Seems like they have managed most of what you would expect except a strictly special

Alexafrost Tue 24-Nov-20 06:35:04

I like Miranda. She's unfunny to you, not the entire world.

Onceuponatimethen Tue 24-Nov-20 06:35:34

I’m really excited about the new vicar Of dibley Xmas special lblush

kleew1 Tue 24-Nov-20 06:35:35

I thought there was going to be a 2 doors down christmas special... Love that but realise it is probably not everyone's cup of tea!

Onceuponatimethen Tue 24-Nov-20 06:36:05

Ooh also love Miranda!

Callmecordelia Tue 24-Nov-20 06:36:30

I like The Goes Wrong Show, Ghosts, Motherland, The Sewing Bee, The Repair Shop, Miranda Hart, Mary Berry, Upstart Crow, The Vicar of Dibley, Zog....

All strictly has started to look the same to me, but DD will be happy with a clip show. DS will love the cbeebies show.

There's still Call the Midwife and Doctor Who. I think they've done brilliantly, I thought there'd be hardly any new content and there's lots. I had no idea before this thread, so thanks OP.

Mrs Brown is awful, but it is one programme. They wouldn't keep it on if it wasn't getting the numbers.

RJnomore1 Tue 24-Nov-20 06:40:08

The bit I don’t get from that article ya why they couldn’t do top of the pops with a touch of innovation either showing videos or zoom sets, it’s all pre recorded snyway🤷🏻‍♀️

Mummyoflittledragon Tue 24-Nov-20 06:42:28

I’d rather watch a classic fools and horses on loop than some of that rubbish.

malhurst Tue 24-Nov-20 06:42:55

Black Narcissus looks good. Dame Diana Rigg in her final role sad

Tigresswoods Tue 24-Nov-20 06:45:41

I think some of you will be disappointed. There's no "Siblet Xmas special". I'm sure I read it's little shorts of Geraldine on zoom.

Think about it, half the cast is no longer with us.

Bearsinmotion Tue 24-Nov-20 06:50:21

Agree that the article is about many more shows than Mrs Brown’s Boys, looking forward to quite a few of them!

Still surprised that the uber woke BBC are producing what seems a transphobic comedy though.

SushiGo Tue 24-Nov-20 06:58:18

There's lots that looks fun there, who cares if they're doing mrs Mrs Brown's Boys again. Lots of people like it and will be happy.

It's pretty much a normal Christmas day lineup which is impressive in the circumstances!

MrsDThomas Tue 24-Nov-20 07:05:26

Covid or no covid, apart fromCall the Midwife and Ch5 all creatures great and small its dire

Morcambe and wise, etc. Most of those who enjoyed watching them are either dead or old and its not something the present generation Likes. Comedy has changed.

frontlegsofacow Tue 24-Nov-20 07:07:41


Oh bloody hell, are we getting the 1973 Morecambe and Wise and and The Great Escape?

I'd be quite happy with that to be honest! Better than mrs brown whose success frankly baffles me. The actor was interesting on who do you think you are though. If I recall correctly he/the researchers solved a murder

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