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An introduction to myself

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Grandfather Sun 22-Nov-20 10:40:21

Hi everyone i thought i would introduce myself as it may seem a bit odd a 55 yr old grandfather asking to join the group,
Well my Daughter is a single mother of 3 very beautiful but very autistic children (2 are non verbal the other could definatley be considered too verbal ) and since the father is not around anymore i seem to have fell
into the male role model in the house (i hope im a good one)
Well its been a long time since i had this role and the first time coping with disabilities ,
I found this site by accident whilst reading about Autistic behaviour And decided to join and hopefully help and be helped
Well thats about it really better get the iron out i have the school run in the morning (never thought id be doing that again smile

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YesItsMeIDontCare Sun 22-Nov-20 10:49:19


I'm not one who knows anything about autism, but there's plenty around who do. There's a Special Needs board here that you can join but it tends to be a bit quieter than others.

It can be a bit brutal on here at times - don't take anything personally. Some people are just dicks (probably me as well sometimes 🤷🏼‍♀️).

Hang around, join in other threads or start your own. You won't always get a response because Active tends to move quite quickly but that's just the way it is.

If you want to step away from normal life have a read of some of the "parking" threads - they can get quite funny 😁.

WalkersAreNotTheOnlyCrisps Sun 22-Nov-20 10:53:09

Hello and welcome smile

Grandfather Sun 22-Nov-20 11:06:47

Ty for the replies i feel less invisible now (you very original names makes Grandfather seem a bit boring smile

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FourPlatinumRings Sun 22-Nov-20 11:16:10

Hello and welcome! Your daughter is lucky to have you.

AIBU is a board to avoid if you've got a serious question. Posters on there often go out of their way to vilify the OP.

You might find this useful:

Grandfather Sun 22-Nov-20 11:27:13

Ty for the advice (ps what does AIBU stand for ?

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Grandfather Sun 22-Nov-20 11:29:48

Got it "Am I Being Unreasonable Durrr lol

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WalkersAreNotTheOnlyCrisps Sun 22-Nov-20 11:31:25

AIBU is Am I Being Unreasonable?
As FourPlatinumRings says it can be a bit of a bear pit. Chat is much nicer, there are lots of other boards too.

WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Sun 22-Nov-20 11:37:08


Ty for the replies i feel less invisible now (you very original names makes Grandfather seem a bit boring smile


It's a HUGE site these days, very mixed bunch and you definitely need to develop a thick skin!

You can change your user name anytime you want (but it's easier on the website rather than the app).

I'd avoid 'Brian' though if I was you.

Iron....last seen around 2009 when it was put up in the lift as it was never used...

Grandfather Sun 22-Nov-20 11:52:27

May be a good post fot AIBU i still use an iron (my daughter didnt own one before and tells me no one irons things anymore ) Am I Being Unreasonable smile

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FourPlatinumRings Sun 22-Nov-20 12:11:37

I should have mentioned, the link I posted has the main acronyms on it explained. So AIBU, DD, DH, HTH, AFAIK etc

ChessieFL Sun 22-Nov-20 12:15:13

Welcome Grandfather, your daughter and grandchildren are lucky to have you.

Grandfather Sun 22-Nov-20 22:57:41

Ty everyone (especially FourPlatinumRings for steering me into a new language Dh Ds AIBU ) i can now read posts easier Its my Grandson Codies Birthday in the morning Hes the talkative one and i have his school run (yes ive ironed his clothes smile Grandads little soldier

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LadyofMisrule Mon 23-Nov-20 00:29:06

You are already doing better than me. I've just taken all the shirts out of the tumbler, shaken them and hung them up. Hopefully the children will be wearing jumpers tomorrow.

Welcome. Sometimes it is a bear pit, but there are some wonderfully heart-warming threads too.

AlexaShutUp Mon 23-Nov-20 00:39:15

You sound like a very kind dad and grandad, OP. I bet your daughter is really grateful to have your support. Welcome to mumsnet!

Thighdentitycrisis Mon 23-Nov-20 00:55:31

Hi Grandad
You sound an amazing parent and grandparent. There are a lot of parents on here with experience of SEN.
I work in the area too so know how having family support makes a huge difference to the quality of life of parents.

Memo7 Mon 23-Nov-20 01:20:21

Hi Grandad ☺️
I love your username, please don’t change it.
Also you sound lovely.

Grandfather Tue 24-Nov-20 09:20:33

Ty for your messages (ive shown this thread to my Daughter {smile} Also i may be brave at some stage and put a post up on AIBU i know im not i do have a genuine concern about something
But then again i may just leave it

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Grandfather Tue 24-Nov-20 09:21:23

Again TY

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Grandfather Tue 24-Nov-20 10:39:30

Had a moan on AIBU actually feel a bit better (Its fairly non controversial so should be ok)

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Lazysundayafternoons Tue 24-Nov-20 10:49:27

Welcome smile

Your post has made me feel warm inside.

My older ds is 7 and has autism. He is fully verbal. He has an amazing bond with his grandparents, he is very lucky to have that, just as your grandchildren are lucky to have you.

Happy birthday to the little guy today cake

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