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Is Apple care worth it?

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Scotstar85 Fri 20-Nov-20 17:52:47

Am buying DS a new ipad for Xmas and don't know whether to back it with Apple care? Is it worth it, or would i just claim.on my contents insurance if anything happened to it?

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Scotstar85 Sat 21-Nov-20 11:34:58

Saturday bump!

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FMyUterus Sat 21-Nov-20 11:48:15

Ok so I'd say yes because Apple will charge you £600 to change the screen, you'll have to claim it back from your insurance company as Apple don't work with companies. Or it's £39 if you have apple care..

Scotstar85 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:10:20

Oof! Are you speaking from bitter experience, @FMyUterus?!

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BarbaraofSeville Sat 21-Nov-20 14:28:57

How much is Apple Care and what protection is it buying? Are there any significant exclusions in the small print.

If you have gadget/personal possessions cover on your home insurance, that probably works out cheaper and the insurance company may pay the Apple bill or you could put it on a credit card to give yourself a few weeks grace if you don't want to pay the repair fee upfront.

I'd also be telling DS that I expected him to be very careful with his expensive new gadget and not rely on it being replaced on the insurance if it gets lost/stolen/broken.

FMyUterus Sun 22-Nov-20 00:20:42

I am speaking from painful experience!! @Scotstar85 ! I tried to get our iPad fixed through home insurance and they wouldn't do it through our insurance company and the warranty is void if you get it done anywhere else so if something hardware went wrong it wouldn't have been covered. So we paid out of pocket and then the insurance company pissed about for so long ! Took maybe 5 months to get our money back. Would have been way less hassle just to pay for bloody apple care

PandaBabyJuly Sun 22-Nov-20 00:32:19

I've got Apple care and also contents insurance...... but only because I'm a student so got the discount.

If you know a student it gets you 20% off Apple care and 10% off products smile

user1471548941 Sun 22-Nov-20 00:41:14

I recently had to get my Macbook Pro repaired by Apple after our Velux had a significant leak over it. I paid Apple £900 for the repair but my contents insurance paid me back within 7 days. If you can front it yourself whilst waiting for a payment, I would stick with insurance if you also have gadgets insurance that covers accidental damage.

BarbaraofSeville Sun 22-Nov-20 05:26:30

I suppose one thing to consider is that house insurance is only going to cover loss, theft or accidental damage.

Does Apple care buy you a cheap repair of an out of warranty item that has failed?

Or you could also consider self insurance as in don't bother with the Apple care and just repair or replace if the need arises. Will probably be cheaper than paying for Apple care for months or years on end.

WankPuffins Sun 22-Nov-20 05:47:18

Oh my god it's so worth it.

I've always had it over the years. Cracked screens repaired, phone replaced after it was run over (don't ask), laptop repaired.

I would've paid hundreds without it.

BarbaraofSeville Sun 22-Nov-20 06:09:34

Whereas I have never lost or damaged a device, so would have paid hundreds for cover I'd never need.

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