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Has anyone else been sent a bunch of flowers by Waitrose?

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ShrikeAttack Fri 20-Nov-20 16:08:10

I had a bunch of flowers through the post today from Waitrose to thank me for being such a valued customer. Has anyone else had this?

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mrsrhodgilbert Fri 20-Nov-20 16:39:37

I think I’m a pretty good customer but no flowers. I get regular vouchers although I think they’ve cut back on those. You must be a very very good customer

APipkinOfPepper Fri 20-Nov-20 16:41:00

Yes I had this, thought it was a bit odd!

ShrikeAttack Fri 20-Nov-20 16:41:02

I had a Google and couldn't find anything out. Maybe they just really like me!

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Oxyiz Fri 20-Nov-20 16:42:52

Out of curiosity, how much do you spend there?

FannysSteadiedBuffs Fri 20-Nov-20 16:44:02

Did they also love you enough to give you a priority Christmas delivery slot when they first opened? That would have meant more than a bunch of flowers grin

Nanasueathome Fri 20-Nov-20 16:44:17

They gave me a free box of mince pies this week but no flowers

AmberRoseGold Fri 20-Nov-20 16:48:30

I had the flowers too! Very bizarre! They arrived looking utterly dead but have perked up. Not sure I would send as a gift tbf. I would also have preferred vouchers or more slot choice. Atm they are giving me a bottle of Prosecco weekly too! I do spend a lot with them tbf bur a bit less than I used to.

Wearywithteens Fri 20-Nov-20 16:51:23

No but Tesco have sent me a voucher for a free £3 bunch through the App. I feel shortchanged now that I actually have to go and get them myself!!!

ShrikeAttack Fri 20-Nov-20 17:01:02

Yes! I got a bottle of prosecco a few weeks ago too. (And a free sandwich platter last week but that was due to their mix-up).

Erm, I do spend a fair bit, over 1k a month easily.

My flowers looked a bit sad too, I'm currently trying to revive them a bit.

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ShrikeAttack Fri 20-Nov-20 17:02:00

I did get a priority Christmas slot Fanny!

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AdoraBell Fri 20-Nov-20 17:04:32

No, but I don’t spend as much as you OP

Dollywilde Fri 20-Nov-20 17:04:39

Oh how interesting. I wonder if someone fucked up and over ordered and this is their way of distributing the excess. But I’m a cynic grin

yellowhighheels Fri 20-Nov-20 17:11:36

what a nice surprise! with you mentioning they were a little bit past their best, I wonder whether this is what happens to bouquets at the end of their saleable life as a bit of free promo and to save waste? 1k a month is a lot though, it might just be that they want to keep your custom!

Etinox Fri 20-Nov-20 17:17:25

£1000/ month shock
Do you run a finishing school?

GoldenZigZag Fri 20-Nov-20 17:21:25

You what?! A grand a month, how?!

APipkinOfPepper Fri 20-Nov-20 17:21:38

No Prosecco here, just flowers, now I feel a bit less special!! Mine were a bit sad looking too, but they’ve perked up in some water. Maybe they just had excess stock and thought they’d send them out although still a bit odd?

SugarCoatIt Fri 20-Nov-20 17:22:02

Oh my goodness OP, what do you spend your £1k on? How many people is that for?

Gat to hear they are rewarding your loyalty.

Mosaic123 Fri 20-Nov-20 17:23:50

Wow. . I don't get anything, even vouchers. I've been Waitrose ing online since August but was s normal customer for around 20 years before that.

Etinox Fri 20-Nov-20 17:51:01

Please please please screenshot your latest bill. A £1000 Waitrose receipt ~porn~ shock

Giganticshark Fri 20-Nov-20 18:00:59

Jlp's new campaign is 'Give a Little Love'.
Sounds lovely, why do some grinches have to be negative about it. Jeez

Foxyloxy1plus1 Fri 20-Nov-20 18:28:22

Waitrose courted us during the last lockdown, then made it impossible to book any slots, so they aren’t our friend. We do use the actual store when we are able and have never had anything from thrm.

AhoyMeFarties Fri 20-Nov-20 18:38:59

That's lovely, I hope you enjoy them

ShrikeAttack Fri 20-Nov-20 18:40:57

My bills aren't that interesting, and I'll probably get told off by someone for buying Coke!

Lots of fruit, vegetables, herbs etc, cooking ingredients, bit of deli stuff, expensive wine...premium spirits, fancy olive oil, guess it all adds up.

I don't buy much meat from them, I buy meat and fish online. I do like cooking and drinking!

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viques Fri 20-Nov-20 18:43:32

I’d be happy if they opened up their coffee machines again. My poor little car coffee cup has been gathering dust in its cup holder for months.

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