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Is there a worse customer services than TalkTalk?

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Jux Thu 19-Nov-20 15:22:51

I KNOW THAT THE PEOPLE WHO ANSWER THE PHONE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE; I AM NOT GETTING AT THEM - I'm talking about how things are dealt with and what actually happens.

We have a problem with our BB, supplied by TalkTalk. Meant to be Super Fast but as we only have copper wires running from the junction box to our house, there's a limit to what sort of speeds they can actually provide.

However, LESS THAN 10Mbps IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, especially when we are paying for speeds many times higher than that (though whatever they promise, we shan't get much more than 36Mbps due to copper).

We have the misfortune of getting our landline from them too. This has not worked for 2 weeks. There is no dialling tone when you pick up the handset, nothing happens when you dial. People who phone us get the ringing tone so they don't know that at our end absolutely nothing is happening and we have no idea they're ringing.

Today, is the third time we have contacted TalkTalk about this.

They run their diagnostics which say there's no fault.

We got a private telecoms engineer to come and check all our equipment, there is no fault with any of it. We have done this twice (two different, highly recommended engineers).

The fault must therefore occur between the junction box and our house. The junction box which has had lots of different people coming and working on it for the last two weeks.

TalkTalk say they'll send an engineer out. Nothing happens. Nothing improves, nothing changes. We have no idea whether they actually have sent an engineer out or not. We assume not.

Every time we contact them we go right back to the beginning. And if I insist that we've already complained and nothing's been done, they say "oh I'll expedite it, but I have to run these diagnostic tests first....." and then we're right back at the beginning and nothing happens.

Why on earth do we use them?

Can anyone recommend another provider? We shall end the contract early on teh grounds that they have never provided the service they promised and that they have not dealt with this current problem as we still have no landline and ridiculously slow bb.

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lazylump72 Thu 19-Nov-20 16:13:48

No Talk Talk just about take the prize OP followed a close secong by Currys/PC World....utter shambles

nosswith Thu 19-Nov-20 16:20:07

But they were so good that their former CEO now runs the world class Track and Trace system!!!

Jux Thu 19-Nov-20 16:51:41


But they were so good that their former CEO now runs the world class Track and Trace system!!!


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PivotPivotPivottt Thu 19-Nov-20 16:53:06

Hermes. Non existent.

JamieFrasersSassenach Thu 19-Nov-20 16:55:48

Have you tried using Twitter to tag them about this? I had problems with BT a few years ago, months of appalling customer service. In frustration I tweeted them, suddenly I had a case manager who phoned me every day for 3 weeks while the fault was repaired, he sorted compensation out for me too. Once that was all sorted I changed to Sky - I personally find their customer service very good. BT will never have my business again. Good luck!!

Groovinpeanut Thu 19-Nov-20 17:06:46

They are a nightmare when I was with them... The hacking debacle was bad enough. I then had a mobile added to my bill, because apparently their package Included a SIM card. I'd never had a SIM from them, nor did I want one. They stuck it on my bill though.
It got even better when I gave them notice, and paid my final bill. I went with another service provider.
Lo and behold randomly after been left for 6 months they started billing me grin
They have continued to bill me every month for the last 5 mths.
I've contacted them and because I haven't got an account with them... This is the account they're billing me £75 a month for.
I can't get it resolved, it's just batted backwards and forwards between departments.
They have now added these 'missed payments' to my credit file. I raised it as a correction but they just say it's a valid account. Yet they can't discuss anything as I haven't account details.
It just goes on and on. confused

averylongtimeago Thu 19-Nov-20 17:08:21

We had talk talk. Similar problems to you. Plus the rudest call centre staff I have ever had the misfortune to speak to.

PastMyBestBeforeDate Thu 19-Nov-20 17:09:57

TalkTalk are indeed in a league of their own when it comes to actively awful customer 'service'.

flowerycurtain Thu 19-Nov-20 17:15:19

OpenReach trumps any crap customer service ever received in the entire universe by a million miles

TheStripes Thu 19-Nov-20 17:17:35

Currys are the worst by a long way. Scottish Power are also pretty appalling.

LittleBoxes Thu 19-Nov-20 17:20:26

Talktalk used to arrange for Openreach to come and look at the box in the street, and try to charge us for it, 50 quid a time! Happened about three times and they backed down when we argued with them, but, unsurprisingly, we are no longer with Talktalk.

Muddledupme Thu 19-Nov-20 17:20:27

Curry's took 39 hours of calls mainly on hold to replace my washing machine. This was despite having a repair plan that said that they had to mend it within 7 days of an engineers visit. They offered me an appointment ten weeks later and declared that they were not obliged to adhere to the policy due to COVID 19.

GeidiPrimes Thu 19-Nov-20 17:20:43

I remember having problems with them years ago, and was advised on here to email Dido Harding grin

Many years later, they're still my (shit) provider! It's like an abusive relationship and they've ground me down.

LittleBoxes Thu 19-Nov-20 17:21:50

With Virgin now, and they're not too bad. They do have their problems, but they fix them, and they keep you informed.

mrsfeatherbottom Thu 19-Nov-20 17:24:45

Never used TalkTalk but I imagine Three could give them a run for their money. I actually ended up in tears trying to deal with an issue a few months ago. If you go into a shop (which I couldn't at the time because of lockdown) they are super helpful but on the phone and online is horrendous!

IsAWookieABear Thu 19-Nov-20 17:27:31

I still have nightmares about Talk Talk. Thankfully they were so crap they didn't even connect my service (guy walked out halfway through and didn't come back). Spent HOURS on phone over about a month trying to deal with it all/cancel. Ugh, I agree. Worst customer service ever.

lanbro Thu 19-Nov-20 17:33:03

Scottish Power are appalling until you email the CEO then their office is amazing!

BES Utilities, absolutely abysmal, wasted hours of my life for simple things, call every day as no one reads the notes, just awful

RhythmoftheEgg Thu 19-Nov-20 17:33:28

Would that be the Talk Talk that have a live chat that's never available and no obvious contact number on their website?

I managed to find a number eventually and it took me about an hour and a half to arrange an engineer appointment, most of which was spent explaining to me the myriad of scenarios that would result in me being charged for the visit which would most certainly not be their fault.

It took another hour to subsequently cancel the appointment as despite their insistence that there was no network issue, the day after my complaint an engineer was outside working on the box. Whatever "non-existent" issue he was there to fix, he fixed it, apparently.

Can't wait til next time I have to deal with them hmm

PastMyBestBeforeDate Thu 19-Nov-20 17:36:58

GeidiPrimes I had that advice too. The staff were at least polite but it still took them several goes to get it sorted.

One of most annoying bits (earlier in the process) was when you filled in an online form and it said they would call you. Except all that happened was the phone rang and you were placed in the same queue you would be in if you'd rung them. It saved no money and meant you had no say in whether it was convenient to hang on the phone for an hour or more. If you hung up, they'd made the call so you had to do the form again. Why they couldn't call when there was a representative free or the calls waiting were low in number was a mystery.

Twigaletta Thu 19-Nov-20 17:40:06


Hermes. Non existent.

Agreed. It costs a fortune NOT to get through to anyone. It's all well and good sending me an email telling me it's been delivered and even taking a photo of it but WHEN IT'S NOT MY LEGS how am I supposed to let them know?

garlictwist Thu 19-Nov-20 17:40:43

I used to have a mobile contract with One2One (remember them?). Everytime I'd ring up with an issue they'd insist my mobile number didn't exist. Except it did, as that's what people used to ring me.

asifiwould Thu 19-Nov-20 17:43:10

Talk talk were a nightmare. Happily back with BT for internet now.

But in terms of mobile phones I can give a huge thumbs up for giff gaff. Really good value and brilliant service.

Trinidading3 Thu 19-Nov-20 17:44:03

Fed Ex lost my very important post which left the Carribbean, via USA and France and reached UK but guess what stupid Fed Ex delivery person delivered to wrong building!!!! After a mountain of emails and direct messaging to the CEO I got a response and guess what they could not retrieve it!!! No compensation just an offer to post again!!! Do they think I am insane!! Never again. Do not use

PamDemic Thu 19-Nov-20 17:44:25

When I was with Talktalk, I found them so bad, I tweeted their then boss, one Dido Harding. I got a very quick response after that from her office!

I got out of my contract with them early because I argued they had breached it by not providing me with what they had contracted for. (Like you it was for internet provision/tv can't remember which).

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