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Utter con!

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IKEAwebsitecompletecon Wed 18-Nov-20 22:42:34

For the second time I have ordered something from the Ikea website for delivery which I have been charged for but which has gone somewhere rise entirely and I am completely unable to do anything about it. My latest order was delivered to 'Jones' in Milton Keynes today. Not my name. Not my city. The courier DPD have no phone number or chat function to query this and neither do IKEA. The phone and chat facilities are 'too busy' and there is no email address.

I am really distressed and angry. Quite apart from the loss of money and the order itself why on earth do they have no facility to report this obvious theft ? If orders are 'delivered' there is no function on either app or website to report non delivery. Any suggestions please?

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IKEAwebsitecompletecon Wed 18-Nov-20 22:52:38

I meant to say somewhere else entirely.

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RainBow725 Wed 18-Nov-20 22:59:58

I had a similar issue recently. Ikea are in a shocking state and I wouldn't buy anything from them again. Try Facebook. I finally got a response and refund after reporting it on there. There's no hope of getting through on the phone.

loveacupoftea18 Wed 18-Nov-20 23:04:45

Oh god I could have written this. Exactly the same thing happened here, my parcel just seemed to disappear and I stopped getting updates - it was like they all gave up.

However, I persisted and persisted on their customer service line. It is VERY hit and miss, I had most luck earlyish in the morning. Altogether I spent nearly 3 hours on hold for two conversations that lasted less than 5 minutes. The first call they told me they'd have to get DPD to check their warehouse for my parcel and would get back to me in 72 hours. They didn't so I phoned again and sat on hold but they have now delivered my parcel to my door!

BeamerTown Wed 18-Nov-20 23:15:49

It’s an absolute shambles at the moment. Tomorrow I am waiting for the third rearranged delivery - it wasn’t delivered, they rearranged it, it wasn’t delivered again... I’ve been a huge customer for years but they’ve really dropped the ball with their response to the pandemic. If you can’t deliver the goods, don’t take the orders!

IKEAwebsitecompletecon Wed 18-Nov-20 23:35:10

Thank you for the responses!

I do a LOT of online ordering. Maybe I'm lucky but mostly it works out fine. Ikea and DPD seem to be be particularly bad at. 1. Deliveries disappearing completely 2. There being no way to report the loss/theft as the app dies not really work and there is no phone or chat in operation atm and no email.

It's like theft and scamming (diverting parcels) is openly tolerated by both Ikea and DPD

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TheSunIsStillShining Thu 19-Nov-20 01:06:37

We had to have our kid's bed delivered 4 times.
1. wrong size - smaller
2. wrong colour
3. missing pieces
4. got almost everything correct, but it was bigger than ordered.
Since we have the space for it he has his own king size bed. Lucky teen.

BeamerTown Thu 19-Nov-20 12:12:44

My only advice is to call them AS SOON as their call centres open - 7am - to be in with any chance of speaking to the right person! Also do ask for compensation as they’ve given me a couple of £20 vouchers.

IKEAwebsitecompletecon Thu 19-Nov-20 18:03:47

Good tip beamer!

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ChrissyPlummer Thu 19-Nov-20 18:09:58

If you paid on cc and it was over £100 could you go through your card company and get refunded that way? DPD are really good here but I’ve never ordered from IKEA. It’s disgraceful that you can’t get through to anyone.

Plump82 Thu 19-Nov-20 18:33:18

Ive not had any issues with Ikea but Irefuse to use any company that ships things via DPD after a awful experience with them where i missed a delivery and arranged for it to be sent to my local Keystore. It was a cat climbing tree and im in that shop at least once a day (well before covid!) i saw it at their counter yet never received a code to be able to pick it up. DPD said the Keystore returned it to DPD which is a blatant lie. This was back in February and the shop still has my box!! But can3 give me it because I don't have this code. Yeah, so that's my rant!

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