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Loveatortie Wed 18-Nov-20 21:51:53

Am i the only one who thinks for f saks just get over the fact that Christmas isn't going to be the same this year for many people. I'm not going to see my eldery Dad or mil,over the moon will have my dc home from uni. No meals out with friends, friends round for drinks etc but for f**k sake stop banging on about it. Hopefully next Christmas and subsequent years we will have all the enjoyment we are used to. Maybe not with the people we would have this year but who knows who is going to be around next year without covid. My sister who i saw last Christmas isn't here for this one, my Mum isn't eithef nor my nephew. Nothing to do with covid

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SpillingTheTea Wed 18-Nov-20 22:02:23

I'm sorry for your losses but COVID has put things into more perspective and people are realising what they could have taken for granted before.
It's making people feel all different sort of things and Christmas is a big event for lots of different people for different reasons. Some may only see people at that time of year etc.

LuckyAmy1986 Wed 18-Nov-20 22:02:27

Completely agree with you!

GreenClock Wed 18-Nov-20 22:08:24

I agree with you. I think that a subdued Christmas is acceptable this year on the basis that we’ll be back to normal by next winter. It’s just one Christmas.

However, I see the other side too. I really do. People feel how they feel. I’m also mindful that relatives and close friends of terminally ill or extremely old people, may be acutely aware that Christmas 2021 is a year away.

goose1964 Wed 18-Nov-20 22:10:57

I'll probably never see my mother-in-law again, she's fading rapidly with dementia. I've not seen most of my grandchildren since last December ditto my dad, sister and school friends . However are trying to make this Christmas as good as we can. If restrictions are lifted I will get to see my DD, DSiL and grandson as they can get here in less than an hour.

Loveatortie Wed 18-Nov-20 22:35:14

I am going to make the most of this Christmas, it just is going to be different so going to make the most of what i can. Just fed up with every time i switch the news on they are banging on about it. Not religious, enjoy the decorations,food etc🙄 it is what it is this year

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Loveatortie Wed 18-Nov-20 22:36:21

flowersfor you Goose

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Rememberallball Thu 19-Nov-20 02:37:20

Definitely wish people would accept that Christmas 2020 has to be different from the norm and wind back their plans to see everyone they usually do.

We’ve been lucky that we were able to have my sister and her children here with us for a couple of weeks over the summer after their planned holiday to Spain (DBiL is Spanish so they have regular summer visits there) and that DMiL has spent a couple of nights with us every week or two for the last month or two before lockdown MK2.

However, we’ve not seen DFiL since he stayed last Christmas, DSD has been to visit once this year and, although we only live 1/2 hour from them, we’ve not seen DSS or our grandchildren since February. All because of where we all live, because I am on the CEV list so spent most of the spring/summer shielding and then avoiding unnecessarily mixing with other households.

We’ve told DMiL that, if she’s on her own and it’s permitted, she can come to us over Christmas (though at the moment I’m very much in the CBA with all the fuss and bother so don’t plan to put the tree up or anything like that) however she might have DSD staying with her and, if she does, she may not be able to come as that would be mixing 3 households. I’m very much of the mind to simply shut the door on the world and have it just as the 4 of us!!

SimpleLife003 Thu 19-Nov-20 04:44:04

I’ve worked the last 4 Christmas’s, this year I am off, probably be working again next year.

I think I’m allowed to a bit miffed off if I can’t enjoy this one too 😂😭

Ilady Thu 19-Nov-20 05:44:51

This Christmas is not going to be the same as other years for so many people. It's been a hard year in a lot of different ways for the majority of people.
I think rather than moan about all the things we are missing we need to figure out what we can do to make the best of our own various situations. I am not in the uk but I hope the restrictions where I live will be relaxed so I can travel say to another county and meet up with friends even if it's just one person at a time.

Anotherducker Thu 19-Nov-20 07:08:09

I agree. Not keen on risking people’s lives just so we can share one day.

Alexandernevermind Thu 19-Nov-20 07:14:41

It's more what Christmas represents to people. For many families it's the one time to prioritise family time and be together. We needed it this year more than ever. I'm not bothered personally as my little family and I can tuck away in our country holiday cottage. What bothers me is that my parents won't be able to see any of us as my grandmother is in their bubble so will miss all of their grandchildren. A relative has terminal cancer and would have loved a special last Christmas. My nephew is away at uni and we are desperate for him to be able to get home.

BogRollBOGOF Thu 19-Nov-20 07:37:05

Even it it is graciously made temporarily legal to see family, it's still very fucking far from being a normal Christmas. The services will not be normal, certainly no carols or christingle services. No social events in the build-up. No school events. No birthday party for DS.

Family is the only thing that stops Christmas from feeling like the early days of lockdown in March/ April, just with added tinsel and turkey.

Normally people moan about the commercialisation of Christmas, but anything deeper and more traditional or religious is pretty much banned still.

AlwaysLatte Thu 19-Nov-20 07:52:32

Wait and see what happens - the rules may be relaxed in order for people to see each other over Christmas. I think we just all need to be flexible and open minded. With the great vaccine news this will all hopefully be behind us soon.

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