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Have most of MN got their Xmas decs up?

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Viv0321 Wed 18-Nov-20 19:06:52

Have most of MN got their Xmas decs up?

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PastMyBestBeforeDate Wed 18-Nov-20 19:08:37


vodkaredbullgirl Wed 18-Nov-20 19:10:06

No but my 21 yr old dd has in her room.

jojomolo Wed 18-Nov-20 19:11:09

No, just the people who post on forums dedicated to Christmas etc.

adawong Wed 18-Nov-20 19:11:30


lunar1 Wed 18-Nov-20 19:12:11


VettiyaIruken Wed 18-Nov-20 19:12:21

Not yet. We always put them up on the 1st.

HopeAndDriftWood Wed 18-Nov-20 19:12:56

No. I just think the people who have are more vocal than the people who haven’t right now, for whatever reason.

Pipandmum Wed 18-Nov-20 19:14:15

No. First weekend in Dec as usual.

badlydrawnbear Wed 18-Nov-20 19:14:59


LethargicLumpOfLockdownLard Wed 18-Nov-20 19:15:15

No. December 18th here usually,or the weekend before depending on when it falls.

FoxtrotOscarPoppet Wed 18-Nov-20 19:15:17

Normally the second weekend in December.

MrsPinkCock Wed 18-Nov-20 19:15:20

I do. Usually wait until December.

cliffdiver Wed 18-Nov-20 19:16:13


First weekend of December.

tilder Wed 18-Nov-20 19:16:23

No! It's November!

LilyE1234 Wed 18-Nov-20 19:17:20

No anything before December is a bit naff in my opinion blush

CountFosco Wed 18-Nov-20 19:18:22

No. We're being daring and putting them up mid December instead of the weekend before. I'm already worrying if there will be any needles left in early Jan!

HazeyJaneII Wed 18-Nov-20 19:18:35

Not yet...probably at the weekend

cliffdiver Wed 18-Nov-20 19:18:42

But our Elf did come yesterday - in a plastic box with a note saying he has to quarantine until December 1st - DDs very excited.

Wearywithteens Wed 18-Nov-20 19:18:47

God no. Ridiculous suggestion.

GhostTypeEevee Wed 18-Nov-20 19:19:01

Not us, but three houses on our street have

GemmeFatale Wed 18-Nov-20 19:24:50

Definitely no

Smoothyloopy Wed 18-Nov-20 19:24:57

No, its not Christmas yet

NoMoreFlowers Wed 18-Nov-20 19:26:02

No. A week before Christmas

Mxflamingnoravera Wed 18-Nov-20 19:26:29

24th Dec for me. Down by 30th.

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