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Days of driving in the dark are over

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SuperAlly Wed 18-Nov-20 18:51:53

I’ve never been great at driving in the dark. But it was doable when I needed to.

Given lockdown, working from home etc it has been a while since I have had to do any driving in the dark. In fact between March and August I barely did any driving at all.

Tonight I drove to a different supermarket (changed because we are no longer able to leave local authority area). It was 5.30pm. Unlit dual carriageway. I was so frightened and disorientated I drove there at 50mph (thankfully the road wasn’t busy and it’s not far).

Its hard to explain. I can’t see where the white lines are to se my turn-off, and I get disorientated with the headlights and can’t tell how far away cars are and whether I can overtake etc.

I’m 35 years old. I feel really down in the dumps about it.

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HollowTalk Wed 18-Nov-20 18:52:51

Do you think you should get your eyes tested? You're very young to stop driving at night.

Flaunch Wed 18-Nov-20 18:53:42

Have you had your eyes tested recently? I have astigmatism is both eyes and find driving at night hard work! It’s okay with my glasses on.

SuperAlly Wed 18-Nov-20 18:55:29

I do need my eyes tested. I wear lenses as I am short sighted so I have them tested quite regularly. I’ve mentioned the issue before (when it wasn’t so bad) but they didn’t appear overly interested. I can’t believe how much it had deteriorated.

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Lalallama Wed 18-Nov-20 18:58:22

I feel exactly the same around this time of year. I had my eyes tested and they're fine, I think it just takes me a while to get back used to it again each year. Unlit roads are the worst. Try not to give up, you're still so young, keep doing short distances in the dark to get used to it again.

larrythelizard Wed 18-Nov-20 19:00:27

My mum started to have this problem and got some night driving glasses which have non prescription yellowy lenses, they have really helped her

scrivette Wed 18-Nov-20 19:02:36

DSS and I both really struggle with driving at night and we both have an astigmatism. Luckily I don't have to do it very often and if I do they are roads I know well.

PaperMonster Wed 18-Nov-20 19:04:47

I really struggle. I got some tinted glasses from the opticians but they’re crap. I’ve heard good things about the yellow ones though.

AnnieKenneyfanclub Wed 18-Nov-20 19:05:30

I think it depends a bit on your car. If you have a smaller, older car ( with low, traditional lights) I find the constant glare from SUVs with halogen lights coming the other way really challenging. Some cars have lights which seem dangerously bright to other drivers. I find driving at night far harder now than I used too and I’m only mid 40s

I don’t find it anything like as difficult in DHs car ( higher driving position).

Eloradannin Wed 18-Nov-20 19:09:17

There are hardly any streetlights where I live. I've found that my night vision is worse when I wear my contact lenses than when I wear my glasses.
I find it daunting when I have to drive in the dark after not doing it for a while. I drive for a living, so it's not like I don't get practice

MrsPnut Wed 18-Nov-20 19:09:41

You might need different lenses, I had one type and my night vision became poor.
I changed to biofinity and have had no problems since.

BatleyTownswomensGuild Wed 18-Nov-20 19:12:10

Do you have an astigmatism in one/both eyes by any chance? I have one and find driving in the dark quite disorientating because of the flare I get from streetlights and car headlights... I tend to keep night journeys confined to local trips - supermarket, picking up kids etc. I find it hard to concentrate on longer journeys.

OooErrThor Wed 18-Nov-20 19:21:22

I'm totally with you OP, I do go into the office at least twice a week and hate driving home. An A-road but unlit and I get totally dazzled by the lights, especially the xenon ones. I had a 4x4 behind me the other night who actually has their lights on full, ignoring all the flashes at him (I assume!)

Interesting to hear about having an astigmatism, as I have one so maybe that's why I struggle so much. Hey ho just 20 more years and then I can retire confused

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Wed 18-Nov-20 19:23:46

Go and get your eyes tested! I really struggle too - the newer style headlights are brighter I think, and with my vision my pupils are wide open to compensate (according to the optician) so it's very painful. I do very little night driving but am going to mention it at next appointment and see if the yellow lenses might help.

Shinygoldbauble Wed 18-Nov-20 19:24:55

I find it difficult to drive at night too and I have astigmatism! I was tired coming home from work the other evening and I felt very stressed. I drive on narrow country roads some of which have no lines and I really dread it.

FatGirlShrinking Wed 18-Nov-20 19:26:12

If you have astigmatism you see the lines coming from all the lights and it is disorienting, every light looks spiky and glares.

I hate it and deliberately choose to limit my night time driving because of it.

TommyShelby Wed 18-Nov-20 19:29:50

I have astigmatism that makes driving in the dark harder for me and it’s really not fun, particularly if it’s also wet and lights are reflecting. Might be worth seeing if this could be the cause of your trouble OP

ProfYaffle Wed 18-Nov-20 19:30:52

I have the same problem. I don't have binocular vision and I think that's the reason. My depth perception is poor and at night the world looks very flat.

FatGirlShrinking Wed 18-Nov-20 19:31:12

Here you go, with pictures of the difference in what some people see

LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow Wed 18-Nov-20 19:31:40

best thing for night driving is an Anti reflection coating and keep your specs clean. And the windscreen too!

Glare comes from the light as it scatters about, the anti reflection coating won't do anything for the actual brightness but it absolutely stops the halos and dazzling flares from light sources, which are so troublesome.

As far as contact lenses go, lots of lens wearers who only have small amounts of astigmatism do not need have that corrected in their contacts so that will certainly exacerbate the glare and dazzle.

bluebearss Wed 18-Nov-20 19:32:44

I'm exactly the same OP and have astigmatism. Feel like I can't see the white lines properly, distracted by glare. Wish I had a solution but I too avoid driving, especially alone, in the dark!

womaninatightspot Wed 18-Nov-20 19:36:05

I hate driving in the dark as well. Ok on my country road where there are no/ few other cars but on the dual carriageway with oncoming lights all the time it's a real struggle. I'm 41 so not ancient.

BogRollBOGOF Wed 18-Nov-20 19:40:41

I have astigmatism in one eye and find glare hard and worse with modern lighting. Driving in the dark and rain is hard going.

I've been going to the supermarket at night. There's a junction that's unlit with worn away road markings. Add in lockdown making the pub on the corner extra dark and there's even less definition to see where the road actually is. Being a staggered junction, it's wide but there's nothing to judge your exact place on the road.
It's bloody awful.

HunterHearstHelmsley Wed 18-Nov-20 19:42:17

My sister struggles to drive in the dark and has no vision issues. Night driving lenses without px seem to help.

namechangefail2020 Wed 18-Nov-20 19:42:26

I had a full on meltdown in the dark the other day, don't be so hard on yourself. Could you go with someone else a few times til you get used to it again? No idea why I'm so scared of it but I used to be the same in the day too so hoping it'll wear off the same as that did.

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