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Running a community foodbank?

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womaninatightspot Wed 18-Nov-20 14:20:54

Something new we've started is collecting the supermarket food that's at it's best before date and creating veg boxes for those that can use them to supplement the dry food that people can help themselves to in the community pantry.

I'm not sure if all the supermarkets do it but I collect from Tesco via an app called OLIO. Obviously it's a bit hit and miss but lots of whatever is on special offer asparagus/ kale/loads of root veg carrots and potatoes so far. Fruit lots of berries as turnover is so quick, avocadoes, salad stuff.

Saves the perfectly good food from going to landfill and saves money.

Only been doing it a few weeks but seems to be working well.

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RedWine123 Wed 18-Nov-20 14:51:30

Will download the app! Can’t stand how much food gets wasted that could feed so many. Sounds good op.

womaninatightspot Wed 18-Nov-20 15:05:13

It is shameful to think there's good food going to landfill at a time when people are struggling to feed themselves.

It's such a sensible idea, It's a charitable donation for Tesco and they're not paying to dispose, food gets eaten rather than sent to landfill and people save money.

Feel like it's the sort of thing that should of been going on for years!

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