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Royal Mail parcels constantly going missing

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Frequentflier Wed 18-Nov-20 10:48:14

Am new to the UK and have been all over this board trawling for help. Sorry to do it again, but wondered if any of you have had the experience of Royal Mail parcels going missing or undelivered. 3 parcels in the last 2 months have been registered as received, when I haven't received them. No cards, no phone calls, no emails. My husband is at home wfh all day, so they cant argue we are out. I have got refunds, but it takes up a lot of time. Am ordering quite a few more things. Should I choose sites that use Hermes? Or is there something else I should do?

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Ilikewinter Wed 18-Nov-20 10:51:17

Not had them go missing but have had them delivered a couple of days late. Hermes round my area are shocking so i avoid them, DPD seem to be the best, or i click and collect.

iwishiwasonhol Wed 18-Nov-20 10:59:16

not had any go missing myself but i currently have 3 parcels from hermes sitting in my hall waiting for people to pick them ,i know hermes just send a pic of where they leave them but no house number ,so now i put a note through the door to say i have them

Timbucktime Wed 18-Nov-20 11:02:53

I had this happen to me. Last time I went out to see if I could find the delivery van which luckily was just in the next road.
The postman apologised and said he would retrace his steps. Turned out he delivered my parcels to a different road but house with the same number.
He was really on the ball after that, unfortunately we seem to change postman every few weeks and the same problem keeps happening.
Never had a problem with Amazon deliveries though.

SpillingTheTea Wed 18-Nov-20 11:06:17

Same happens to me and Hermes are a joke.

Tangledtresses Wed 18-Nov-20 11:09:31

Go to the Royal Mail local delivery office and ask them flag it up

They will quite concerned as someone might be on the rob

Scarabrae Wed 18-Nov-20 11:09:54

Royal Mail has been bad of late, mostly parcels being really late or leaving deliveries with neighbours but not leaving a card.

Simplyunacceptable Wed 18-Nov-20 11:19:10

I’ve had a fair few late parcels but very few missing ones over the years and I order quite a lot online. I think Hermes lost one of my parcels, RM have maybe lost 2 or 3. This is over a period of ten years so it really isn’t common to misplace parcels in my experience.

Wolfff Wed 18-Nov-20 11:40:29

My daughters dental retainers were stolen from a sorting centre. It was around Xmas and presumably someone thought it was jewellery or a watch from the shape of the box.

I applied for compensation for a fresh consultation and new ones to be made up but unfortunately her teeth had already moved considerably and the only solution was fresh orthodontic treatment which cost thousands. I only received compensation for the replacement.

I was told by complaints staff to take out separate insurance if items are irreplaceable. Unfortunately it seems a number of items go missing at that sorting office (Medway).

Apart from that I have been relatively lucky and very few items have gone missing.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Wed 18-Nov-20 11:57:27

It’s annoying that, when you order something, you don’t always know who the carrier is until the end and if it’s something you really want or need, you’re stuck.

Frequentflier Wed 18-Nov-20 15:50:13

Thanks everyone. I think the system is overwhelmed at the moment, and perhaps my address is tough to find. I will also go to a Royal Mail office. And if that does not work, opt for click and collect for expensive items.

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