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Alternatives to Polly Pocket

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Zhampagne Tue 17-Nov-20 16:23:30

I know, I know, there are no such things as boys' and girls' toys and I'd really rather not get into the problematic genderisation of toys, but - please can anyone recommend any toys which have some of the features of Polly Pocket (intricate little worlds, moving / folding parts, all folding up into a carry case) but which are rather less aggressively pink?

Thank you!

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User478 Tue 17-Nov-20 16:39:49

There are lots of retro Mighty Max toys on eBay:

Bit £££ though.

Zhampagne Tue 17-Nov-20 17:56:53

I hadn't heard of them but after a quick Google they are just the ticket. Thank you.

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couldyouholdplease Tue 17-Nov-20 18:00:47

Teeny Weeny families on eBay - very similar, maybe a bit dated now but lovely and not too girly

lughnasadh Tue 17-Nov-20 18:03:03

Lego Friends has nice little figures, but obviously doesn't fold up.

The figs and bits are very portable though, and fix on to normal Lego.

KeyWorker Tue 17-Nov-20 18:06:40

Lego has a range of polly pocket type Disney sets that are in the shape of a little book, they are around £18 in Argos

KeyWorker Tue 17-Nov-20 18:09:26

Here is a picture, they have a few related to various Disney films.

CoffeeDay Tue 17-Nov-20 18:09:30

Timber Tots are great although they’re aimed at younger children. There’s a hazelnut house and apple shop that “close” into a neat portable toy.

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