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The Crown fans - can I just pick up from the latest Olivia Coleman series?

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BlowMeToBermuda Tue 17-Nov-20 09:19:18


Just that really.

Haven't been fussed by the previous series, but although I'm not a massive Olivia Coleman fan (controversial, I know) I do like the look of her portrayal and the latest series with Charles and Diana looks really good.

Can't really be bothered to start from the beginning, but should I to get full understanding and appreciation?

Thanks smile

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 17-Nov-20 09:21:27

You can just start whichever series you want (keep Google open to check who is who/why he hates him etc).

However skipping Matt and Claire's portrayal is bonkers, imo, as they play their parts so well I often had to remind myself it's not a documentary filmed at the time.

LarkDescending Tue 17-Nov-20 09:23:23

Yes you can just start now if you want and I am sure it will all make sense. It’s a pity to miss Claire Foy’s Queen though. She really was brilliant in the role.

Shoxfordian Tue 17-Nov-20 09:24:44

Yeah you can start now if you want but the first series was really good

AnneShirleysNewDress Tue 17-Nov-20 09:25:27

Claire Foy and Matt Smith are fantastic. Definitely watch them first.

maadlady Tue 17-Nov-20 09:25:31

I think this series is the best out of them all so i would say just watch the latest one.
I love Gillian Anderson as Maggie Thatcher. She is brilliant.

BlowMeToBermuda Tue 17-Nov-20 09:26:03

Hmm ok. I'm clearly so impatient! grin

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EasttoWest Tue 17-Nov-20 09:29:46

Oh gosh noooooo!!! The earliest ones are the best!!

ChimpyChops Tue 17-Nov-20 09:30:36

You need to see Claire Foy and Matt Smith. Please watch them first.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 17-Nov-20 09:30:41

You can also watch back over if you want. Start with S4 then do S3, 2 then 1. Nowt spoiling.

PyjamaLlamas Tue 17-Nov-20 09:31:34

Ah no! Clare Foy was the best! Please watch series 1! smile

BlowMeToBermuda Tue 17-Nov-20 09:31:51

@maadlady, I forgot about Gillian Anderson as Maggie Thatcher. I have quite a crush on Gillian, so worried this might (almost certainly) kill it grin

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CheetasOnFajitas Tue 17-Nov-20 09:32:25

Er, it’s fair enough to ask a question like this about a TV show that exists only in fiction eg Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad because that is the only place that you will be able to find out about the characters.

But with this, I am laughing at the idea that those of us born in say, the 80s would say “is it worth me taking an interest in the Royal Family when I didn’t live through all their history?

You just pick it up” from the point at which you become aware and find out about the past by looking it up or asking people.

TheDoctorDances Tue 17-Nov-20 09:37:22

The very first episode with George VI is so good. You’d be missing out if you didn’t watch the first few series.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Tue 17-Nov-20 10:55:29

Watch them in the right order. One and two were excellent, three not as good.

wowfudge Tue 17-Nov-20 11:20:54

I didn't know some of the historical detail, but it's not as if any of it is a secret so you can pick it up anywhere. I thought the earlier series with Claire Foy were better as I think the role exposes Olivia Coleman's weaknesses as an actress - I read a review recently, I think it was Will Gompertz, and he summed up her performance really well. It's not just about the Queen though so even if you're not keen on Coleman in the role it's still enjoyable.

wowfudge Tue 17-Nov-20 11:21:11


Watch them in the right order. One and two were excellent, three not as good.

I agree

maadlady Tue 17-Nov-20 11:21:45


**@maadlady**, I forgot about Gillian Anderson as Maggie Thatcher. I have quite a crush on Gillian, so worried this might (almost certainly) kill it grin

I would say it would not kill it, She rocks as Mags, especially when she attempts to go deer stalking with her Maj and joins in their parlour games. grin

fatherliamdeliverance Tue 17-Nov-20 11:42:10

It'll not kill your Gillian crush, I promise. It shows a really human side to Thatch without making her overly likeable or heroic and actually had me empathising with her which was something of a miracle after how her policies have affected my home region!

ItsJustARide Tue 17-Nov-20 11:50:00

I’m struggling with Olivia Coleman, I’ve kind of given up 3 episodes in, I just miss Claire and Matt too much!
Thinking of skipping the rest of series 3 and going straight to 4 now.

Can’t miss 1 & 2 though!

GwenCooper81 Tue 17-Nov-20 11:54:46

You'll be missing a treat if you don't watch Claire and Matt. Beautiful acting. I loved series 1 & 2. Struggling a little with S3. Just watched the Aberfan episode and I've cried all morning.
I can't wait for series 4. Enjoy OP.

PyjamaLlamas Tue 17-Nov-20 12:21:09

I think Tobias Menzies is amazing but Coleman is very much just Olivia Coleman dressed as the Queen. Clare Foy captured her experience brilliantly imo.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Tue 17-Nov-20 12:31:49

I loved them all so far but definitely watch the first two series - I’m not an OC fan, especially after watching The Favourite (we walked out half way through!) - and much preferred the original cast in all roles, but I do love Charles and Philip in series 3 so they saved it somewhat for me.

Can’t wait to get cracking on series 4 - had to wait for DP to come over tonight!

BlowMeToBermuda Tue 17-Nov-20 13:38:09

Ok, so it sounds as though I really should start from the beginning.

Quite excited now smile

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randomer Tue 17-Nov-20 13:40:44

One and Two were stunning. I abandoned Three. Olivia is better as older, frumpier Queen.
Binge or Ration? Dilemma.

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