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Who should get the coat?

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AnnieKenneyfanclub Mon 16-Nov-20 09:35:28

DS has outgrown his coat.

Last week I put it on a local freecycle site. Someone claimed it. However they didn't get back regarding collection until today.

This morning I find out that DS's friend has lost his coat. The family are not in a position to easily buy a new one.

Who should get the coat?

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NoSquirrels Mon 16-Nov-20 09:40:26

Give it to DS’s friend if they’d appreciate that.

AnnieKenneyfanclub Mon 16-Nov-20 09:42:31

@NoSquirrels I would give it to the school to pass on...

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redkenso Mon 16-Nov-20 09:50:38

Ds's friend.

picklemewalnuts Mon 16-Nov-20 09:52:00

Ds's friend. 'Sorry, it's already gone'.

GwenCooper81 Mon 16-Nov-20 09:52:03

His friend. I'd message the first person back and say its been collected. You snooze you loose!

MadeForThis Mon 16-Nov-20 09:52:51


NoSquirrels Mon 16-Nov-20 09:54:25


*@NoSquirrels* I would give it to the school to pass on...

Does that mean you don’t know for sure that the family will appreciate it? How do you know about the coat issue?

If it was a friend you were on speaking terms with to offer the cost, that’s a bit different to passing it via school with a “I heard X needs a coat” message.

Bettina500 Mon 16-Nov-20 10:00:06

I would give the friend first refusal. Can't you ask them directly rather than going via the school?
The Freecycle person could be a time waster

jessycake Mon 16-Nov-20 10:10:41

From experience I always put no holding and have strict terms for collction , I cannot believe how many times I have been messed about for free or low priced items.

OrangeIsTheNewTwat Mon 16-Nov-20 10:28:47

AFAIK I think you have to message the person first to tell them they've lost out because they didn't arrange collection. Did you agree to give it to the person or did you just assume you had to, because they were the only interested person?

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