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What activities did your toddler do today?

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VanceRefrigeration Sun 15-Nov-20 22:44:00

In a similar theme to my “what did your toddler eat today?” thread currently running, I thought this would be fun to share ideas.

It is NOT intended to make anyone feel crap if they have plonked their toddler in front of the telly all day because we all know some days need to be like that.

It’s also NOT intended to be as a humble brag / stealth boast about how advanced your child is or how creative and fun you all are wink

It’s intended to be more of an ideas sharing initiative to help people, especially as I am finding lockdown 2 is going SO slowly. So only productive/constructive contributions please smile

Today with 14m old DD we did some painting this morning using an old bath sponge and a potato chopped in half (and her hands, mostly).

We went for a walk around the block (she has recently started walking but is quite nervous walking outside).

We watched Shrek and played with her toys for the rest of the day. Oh and she was allowed to put the toppings on her homemade pizza for tea which she really enjoyed!

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Ricepops Sun 15-Nov-20 22:51:09

3.1 year old here (does that still count as a toddler?)

Played at "washing her clothes" (ie. finding any clean or otherwise clothes that she could get her hands on, pretending to wash them and then "hanging them up" on the back of the sofa)
Went for a scooter ride round the block.
Had lunch
Nap in the pram
Watched The Gruffalo's child twice
Had dinner
Made a den for all of her cuddly toys and put them to bed

PippinStar Sun 15-Nov-20 22:52:56

Place marking - badly need ideas! DS is 21mo.

Today we played with cars and vans, watched diggers on YouTube, built a fort, and used his discovery tower to “wash dishes” and cut vegetables for snacks.

In the afternoon, he went to the playground, back for more fort building and Duplo, and then bath time where he played with pouring cups and bath basketball.

SpillingTheTea Sun 15-Nov-20 22:52:57

16mo DS and we have lazier days on Sunday's.
He played with his toys all day and helped me out the baubles on the tree and take some off of course! grin

PhylisPrice Sun 15-Nov-20 22:55:31

Mine is a kick in the bum off being 2. He has watched TV, played cars, played trains, played in his play tent, been for a walk, been playing in puddles, ran around our soon to move into empty house (including seeing how fast he can get down the stairs on his belly 🙈) and has had a couple of books read to him. Gone to bed quite happy 😊

NickMyLipple Sun 15-Nov-20 22:58:46

Weekly hairwash
Play food kitchen stuff
Building blocks velcro ones
Played dominoes
Made sausage rolls
Built a camp
Played hide and seek about 20000 times
Did flashcards
Melissa and Doug latchboard
Did rainbow spotting
More flashcards
Did painting (very rare!!!)
Went for a very damp walk
Watched 3 episodes of peppa

CoodleMoodle Sun 15-Nov-20 23:00:01

2 year old DS and a 6 DD year old here, doing mostly the same things. We had an inside day today because of the weather. And yesterday, actually. Yesterday we had music on and danced a lot! Today was less active.

In the morning he played with his cars, then he wanted to do Play Doh. DH did that with him for a bit, then DD wanted to play as well, so we both joined in.

Watched a bit of TV at lunch, alternating with climbing all over me. Then he lined up his cars for awhile (it's his thing!) before trying to play hide and seek with DD. He's not very good at it but he tried hard. After that he put a teddy in the play buggy and crashed around with that for a bit, then pulled all the magnets off the fridge and arranged them in a lovely circle on the floor (which we're not allowed to touch).

After a snack he had a bath, then he "helped" me change his and DD's beds whilst she was having hers. He watched some Peppa on his tablet whilst I dried her hair, then dinner.

Before bed he was playing with their toy tool kit and measuring things. I escaped for a bath so I missed that bit!

whatswithtodaytoday Sun 15-Nov-20 23:02:08

21 months. I can assure you I am not creative or 'fun' - that's what I pay nursery for 😁 He's mostly happy to just rattle around downstairs and play with his toys, so long as he's been exercised sufficiently as well.

Today he went for a long walk in the pram with my partner to look at cars and go to a playground. Had lunch, nice long nap, watched some tv with a snack on my lap when he woke up, then I took him for a walk around the block on reins to burn off some energy before dinner. In-between walks he played with Duplo, building blocks, balls, read books, ran around the house like a mad thing, chased the cats... just normal stuff.

He's not interested in activities enough to make it worth spending my time on them at the moment.

firstimemamma Sun 15-Nov-20 23:03:04

Threaded glittery pipe cleaner into the slots of a colander
Park trip (we go most days!)
Puddlesuit walk around block
Built a house using the sofa cushions
Toys / blocks / books - daily

firstimemamma Sun 15-Nov-20 23:04:13

Also we made hot chocolate and he helped make breakfast.

Foxinthechickencoop Sun 15-Nov-20 23:07:00

23 months

Peppa pig for half an hour on iPad in my bed when she woke up (she is a VERY early riser and I am now refusing to get up before 6.30am on a weekend).

Played with her sister with the dolls house and Sylvanian families
Walked to the shop. Piggy back home.
Played chase the string with the kitten
Dressing up
Trip to local garden centre to look at Christmas things (we went to buy dog food from there)
Bath with sister and lots of bath toys
Dancing to songs on Alexa
Some drawing and magic painting
Watched Room on a Broom
Story times with some books (Dogger and a Mog one)

rottiemum88 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:07:07

22mo DS and I walked to the park this morning, played on the swings for a bit, watched some dogs playing and then did some puddle jumping.

Came home and had naptime, then made and decorated gingerbread biscuits this afternoon while watching Arthur Christmas on Netflix.

Norah8 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:07:46

4 and a half so maybe a bit older.
made her friend a card with stickers and a stamper.
watched tv.
played x box with 12 year old.
played uno
went a walk
dressed dolls
played on a learning tablet thing
watched cookery shows on tv

Norah8 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:09:06

lots of pretend reading. looking at pictures and making stories up which she shouts v loudly

Sevo7 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:09:25

DD just turned 2
Watched tv in the morning for an hour,
We made a den out of sofa cushions
Played with her teaset
Had a 3 1/2 hour nap!
Went to the supermarket
Helped unpack the shopping
Helped me make tea, putting chopped veg in the pans, stirring, making Yorkshire puddings etc
Did some colouring in
Watched nursery rhymes on YouTube before bath and bed.

Marmite27 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:10:35

Mine sat on her sister, refused to eat anything remotely healthy and repeatedly threw herself to the ground.

She did walk nicely for 45 minutes holding Daddy’s hand (because I’m not good enough) though.

Changechangychange Sun 15-Nov-20 23:14:40

3.5, so maybe too old?

Breakfast and cartoons. Went to the park and fed the squirrels with DH while I ran, then played in playground while DH ran. Helped me put the washing in the machine, helped me cook (watched, fetched a few things from the fridge), ate lunch. Then we played upstairs with his playmobil animals, and did some drawing on his blackboard.

Downstairs for tea and more cartoons, then played with Lego. Then bath and bed with stories.

bluechameleon Sun 15-Nov-20 23:21:44

2 yr old has done quite a lot of playing with his 6 yr old brother today, including going on missions, going on vacation and building a den. He has also built with blocks, drawn on the chalkboard, played with the Harry Potter lego, hidden various items in various containers, had a bath and been to the park. They watched a terrible film about a teenage superhero on Disney+ this evening.

Dinosauratemydaffodils Sun 15-Nov-20 23:29:53

Just over 2 here (and a 5 year old). Dd did some flower painting. She watched and re-enacted the Turkish Grand Prix. We made brunch (scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese bread and tomato soup). She "helped" her brother with his French homework mostly by singing the first line of Frère Jacques over and over again.

We listened to some music and did lots of dancing. We went for a twilight/torchlight walk in the woods to see if fairy doors look different in the dark. Had a facetime with one of her brother's friends and then played lions in bed for an hour.

INeedNewShoes Sun 15-Nov-20 23:32:38

3.5 but I haven't quite reached acceptance that she may not be a toddler anymore...

Had a lazy morning and did jigsaw (on a tray) in my bed together and read a couple of stories before breakfast.

After breakfast we sat and did some drawing together (I'm rubbish, but DD isn't bothered!)

The she played alone with Duplo, then Brio

Went for an hour's scoot/walk

Loads of drawing while I made lunch

Helped me hang the washing up

I put the film Fisherman's Friends on (actually the first time I've put the TV on a programme for me rather than specifically for DD) and DD watched some bits, played with her cuddly toys around me and did more drawing in between when she lost interest in the film

Helped me put the dishwasher on after tea

Nice long bath with plenty of play time

YouCantBeSirius Sun 15-Nov-20 23:39:54

My 2 year old got in to her older sisters very expensive pens and ate the tip off one. Played with her cars, dinosaurs and peppa pig figures. Fell off the back of the sofa twice. Played in some puddles in the garden then had an epic tantrum when it was time to come inside. Watched some peppa pig and hey duggee. Ate really well at dinner but then tipped yogurt all over the cat and herself. Had a bath, 3 stories and bed

olderthanyouthink Sun 15-Nov-20 23:50:11

2 in 10 mins

Learning to put her socks on after putting my hairbands on her ankles in the shower for weeks

Tiny bit of painting

Tiny bit of puzzle (after diving off the sofa head first)

Watched cartoons in French (we are not bilingual but I try) and English

Chased us round the living room

Got a lot of piggybacks from me/I put a carrier on because she wanted to live on my back

Read a couple books (French and English)

Played with her toy animals

Taylortaylor Mon 16-Nov-20 00:02:53

19 month boy here.
Played on his ride on train in morning and messed about with siblings. He chased his sister after breakfast while I tidied up. Prepared for a bike ride and while DH checked bikes, he played with sticks and his shovel. Long bike ride and then a walk down country lane where he jumped in every single puddle and was soaking wet. Home to be cleaned up, we all ate lunch on couch while warming up. After nap, back outside to watch daddy prepare soil for hedging and playing with brother in wet grass and more muck. Lured him inside with crackers as it was too cold to stay outside any longer. Pretend play with sister and toy kitchen/ play food. Basically he just copied her. Bath and dinner before climbing all over me and races with siblings before bed. No reading at all today which isn’t the norm and I hardly ever do art/ crafts with him as he just isn’t interested.

EnidMatilda Mon 16-Nov-20 00:05:41

@Sevo7 tell me more about this 3.5 hour nap! What time? Does it affect night time sleep? I am shocked and jealous

Cattenberg Mon 16-Nov-20 00:16:25

She woke up and demanded that I read her a book about a rabbit, so I did.

She walked to a local park, and particularly enjoyed pushing the roundabout (no one was on it).

She watched TV.

She played with play dough.

She prepared ice cube trays, putting food colouring and hundreds and thousands in with the water. As I was clearing up the mess, she asked me over and over whether the ice cubes were ready yet. No.

We bathed Dolly and dried her.

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