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Talk to me about air fryers

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Dollygirl2008 Sun 15-Nov-20 17:39:52

Does anyone have one and do you recommend? I'm following a slimming world lady on TikTok and she uses it all the time. I'm on my own so am looking for a small one

What kind of things do you cook and do you still need oil?

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Audreyhelp Sun 15-Nov-20 17:42:01

I have one I cook bacon chips and chicken in it

BarryWhiteIsMyBrother Sun 15-Nov-20 17:44:38

Do they need any fat in order to fry?

ShalomToYouJackie Sun 15-Nov-20 17:46:05

I've had the Wilkos own brand one for 2 years and it's bloody great. Don't need any oil although sometimes I use a bit of oil spray. I use it for homemade chips, roast potatoes, cooking some things I'd do in the oven but I want done quicker like Linda Mccartney sausages as it does them in 5 mins rather than 20.

Kez200 Sun 15-Nov-20 17:49:41

We have a Ninja Foodie which has an air fryer function. It makes crispy potatoes without oil but, of course, they taste different because there is no oil.

We bought it as I wanted a slow cooker too and it was the way to buy both, in one.

We use it a lot for potatoes and usually add a little oil and seasonings for flavours

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