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How can I motivate myself?

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takeabrolly Sun 15-Nov-20 16:00:33

Split up from my husband 6 months ago and have had a frantic few months; decorated, moved and bought furniture, sorted the garden and garage etc. Now I find I have zero motivation and I'm wasting my days looking online or just out of the window. I live by myself and am retired.

I meet a friend for a walk a couple of times a week, I usually have a zoom once a week for a club I belong to but apart from that I am doing sweet FA. Literally nothing. There are loads of things I could do (arty stuff, exercise etc) but I just can't be arsed. Can someone please give me a kick up the backside or alternatively tell me its OK to live like this? I'm hoping the shorter days have something to do with this and I'll get my mojo back in the spring. Or not

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