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I hate my life - everyone pulling on my time

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BlueOceanWave Sun 15-Nov-20 15:34:56

I hate my life. It feels as if everyone is pulling on my time and I'm not allowed to have any time to myself.

I work hard all week but unfortunately my wage doesn't cover a rent, never mind a mortgage (I'm in Ireland and there's a housing crisis, lack of rental properties, high rental costs, very little to no social housing).

I live at home with my mother who's aging and she wants my help more and more. Not so much to do with care for her but more so technology stuff and to help her with other jobs.

I have a partner and he's fantastic. We don't live together. I'm disliking the time we spend together in lockdown. We meet up for a walk a few times a week. Then we sgo for a spin in the car. I hate it because its generally leads to him wanting to fool around with me sexually. I just don't have time to spend in his car fingering me.

This weekend as well, my work needs me to do an online course before Monday.

There's just far too much pull on my time from work, from my mother and from my partner - and all I want to do is sit up in bed with a cup of tea and work on a hobby or read a book. I'm not allowed even 30 minutes to myself before I go into another work week.

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fishtankhelp Sun 15-Nov-20 15:55:20

Sorry you feel like this. Could you just start saying no? Tell your partner you need a weekend off seeing him. Tell your mum that you need your own time?

2020parrot Sun 15-Nov-20 15:56:51

You have my sympathy. I have been through this as a lone parent with elderly father and two young children pulling on my time and working full time. There is no doubt about it, I found it tough but my father died a few years ago now and I still miss him terribly. Fiddling around with his tech and doing jobs round his home was how I was able to show him my love.

It is very important that you carve out some time for yourself and don't let the resentment build. If your partner is fantastic as you say then talk to him (kindly) about how you need some time to relax and perhaps see him less for a little bit.

AIMD Mon 16-Nov-20 01:31:43

Sounds like you need some boundaries around your own time.
You need to start saying no to your mum some times or at least saying “I’m going up to read a book for half an hour and then I’ll help you”.
Similar with your partner. Have you told him how you are feeling? It must be really difficult to see each other in a meaningful way during lockdown.

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