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Anyone recommend a good fitness programme?

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RoseGoldEagle Sun 15-Nov-20 09:15:52

Just had baby number 3 and for some unknown reason I actually feel like the exercising for the first time in about six years. Bought the ‘insanity’ programme years ago but not sure I’m up to that now! Would quite like it to be fun and maybe dance-y rather than just normal aerobics moves, also would prefer high intensity for a shorter time rather than long blocks of time as don’t get much time to do them. Kayla Itsines and body FX keep coming up on Facebook, has anyone done either of these or could recommend any others? Thanks!

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RoseGoldEagle Sun 15-Nov-20 09:16:22

Feel like exercising, not ‘the’ exercising

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emma123456 Sun 15-Nov-20 09:18:16

Les Mills online - fantastic

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