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Teen xmas

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Screwcorona Sun 15-Nov-20 07:41:37

Please can you help me out with what teen boy and teen girls would enjoy for xmas. Under £10 budget. It's for xmas shoebox appeal. Teens are often forgotton in donations

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TeenPlusTwenties Sun 15-Nov-20 08:00:44

gloves with screen-touch fingers

whattodo2019 Sun 15-Nov-20 08:16:33

Girls- makeup, hair accessories, nice shampoo and conditioner, nail varnish, highlighters , fineliners, notebooks

Boys- credit card shape tool gadget, torch, beanie hat, cards, Poker set, football, watch,

Gosh it's hard isn't it? You can't buy much for £10

StillStriving Sun 15-Nov-20 08:18:25

I'm in this position too - going to buy a few small bits for our local appeal but not sure what to get.

The suggestions from the charity have been

Water bottles, pencil cases, back packs, toiletries.

A lot of the brands for the stuff are really expensive though (naturally!)

Screwcorona Sun 15-Nov-20 15:28:18

Thank you, yes I think most teens want expensive things. I've got a chocolate gamecube controller and some toiletries for both girls and boys. It's hard to pick the other bits and I appreciate all your suggestions 🎄

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