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Teachers, will you be accepting gifts this year?

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NullcovoidNovember Sat 14-Nov-20 23:42:40

Just wondering, I imagine home made fudge would not go down well 😂😂🎄🎄 but flowers... Booze? In gift bags...

They can be quarantined...

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Jellycatspyjamas Sun 15-Nov-20 02:15:05

Im not a teacher but my kids school have asked that parents don’t send gifts to teachers this year.

EmilianoBomba Sun 15-Nov-20 05:54:01

Oh i just posted asking about this. I wish school would tell us already as i'm christmas shopping this week.

spidermomma Sun 15-Nov-20 06:06:30

Yea I thought this also. Iv ordered cakes to be made and wrapped individually and then the children were going to make a snow globe for them as it's more personal, not sure were we stand tho?! X

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Sun 15-Nov-20 06:10:36

I’d accept gifts, because it would be rude not to, but actually, I’m anti teacher gifts, anyway. It’s my job. I get a reasonable salary. If you think I’ve done an okay job, write me a nice letter. If you think I’ve done a bloody brilliant job, tell my headteacher.

However, I know it’s tricky for your child if they’re the only one who hasn’t given a present, so I’d recommend the £1 boxes of malteasers!

I should say my teenage dc wait for my return on the last day of the term, ready to pounce on my loot. But I’m not sure this justifies teacher presents.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 15-Nov-20 06:13:42

I hope this signals the end of the teacher presents. I've never understood why as a housing worker, social worker, charity worker, it's been considered totally unethical to accept any gifts but teachers get them (and quite expensive ones in some cases) every year. Public servants should have the same rules. No gifts.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Sun 15-Nov-20 06:19:39

It’s particularly difficult when a family who you know is struggling gives you a £5 box of chocolates. It might not sound a big present on MN, where posts talk about Emma Bridgewater mugs, and (over) generous vouchers, but it can represent a very large chunk of their weekly money, particularly if they have more than one child.

I know thatI have a better income than any of the families in my class, and I would much rather that money went on their own children.

Newjobnewstart Sun 15-Nov-20 06:21:24

Our school have stated that the children arent allowed to give their friends cards this year however havent said anything about presents. The parent council are going to pose this question but they personally think they teachers should get a presents and they suggest handing the gifts in a week before so they can be quarantined 🙄

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 15-Nov-20 06:23:45

Well the parent council is hardly likely to say, "teachers shouldn't get presents" is it?

Newjobnewstart Sun 15-Nov-20 06:31:03

Why not? I dont think they should put there personal feelings on pc pages tbh and only relay back the info that was asked for.

I live in quite a deprived area - and this as others have said is a good opportunity to stop this present giving nonsense.

TildaTurnip Sun 15-Nov-20 06:38:05

I will be. This year more than ever they have given so much of themselves.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Sun 15-Nov-20 06:49:50


I will be. This year more than ever they have given so much of themselves.

Honestly, I’ve just done my job. And I am very fortunate that I am not worrying about redundancy. A letter thanking me would be appreciated. Anything more is completely unnecessary.

Happymum12345 Sun 15-Nov-20 06:50:24

Yes please!

Zoolally Sun 15-Nov-20 06:51:08

I really want to but dc school have sent out several letters telling parents not to send in sweets for birthdays or any presents. A parent came in with a whole box of party bags for their dc bday and the teacher said they can’t accept it. They’ve also said no Christmas cards this year.

Susanwouldntlikeit Sun 15-Nov-20 06:51:22

I’d be delighted not to receive any more candles!

TerrifyingTart Sun 15-Nov-20 06:51:43

I agree that it's bonkers this still goes on. Nobody else in the public sector is allowed to accept gifts. Why teachers? Who earn more than most other people doing public sector jobs.

TerrifyingTart Sun 15-Nov-20 06:52:54

And then they go on MN complaining that they don't want more candles or chocolate anyway!

SushiGo Sun 15-Nov-20 07:01:54

We did gifts at the end of summer, but there weren't many kids in then so it was all a bit different.

I am inclined to just do cards this Christmas as I don't want to have spent money and then get a last minute request not to send them.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sun 15-Nov-20 07:02:30

People in other public sector jobs can accept gifts. Every year there's threads where people tell everyone how much they are giving the bin men at Christmas and lots of people give gifts to nurses and carers. Lots of people in public sector jobs don't build relationships with people, but teachers do and kids like giving their teacher something.

As a teacher myself I'd never expect anything - and certainly wouldn't make snidey comments on here about how much I wish I could stop being given things which have been chosen with care and given with love, even if they are cheap candles -but I get things for my kids' teachers who work their arses off and who my kids adore.

sunnysidegold Sun 15-Nov-20 07:05:30

I haven't heard what my kids' school is doing. I teach and we have sent a message to say no gifts - parents have been asking already as they've started shopping. It is suggested they donate online to a charity.

We are quarantining anything that may come in .

I agree, it might be a good time to break the habit of gift giving. An email to my head telling him how wonderful I am costs nothing wink

Mintjulia Sun 15-Nov-20 07:07:28

I hope so. I don't do individual gifts but I normally send a box of chocolates and a platter of fruit for the staff room.

It marks the start of Xmas holidays for us .

MorvaanReed Sun 15-Nov-20 07:37:48

This is absolutely sour grapes, I recognise this and own it.

I'm support staff, very little to do with the classroom, a lot to do with scrubbing toilets, sterilising desks and dinner tables and other grunt work.

It is, obviously, entirely up to you, you don't have to do what I say, but I would donate extra to a food bank, or give money to whatever funds the school is trying to raise for smart boards or whatever. Teachers are laden down for days with goodies, support staff on crappy wages, except for very rare occasions, get bugger all.

I'm not saying buy gifts for the support staff. This "need" to buy gifts is a horrible burden to a lot of parents. I don't need boxes of chocs and wine (I'm trying not to get any fatter and there are very few wines I enjoy).

What I need right now is good quality equipment and materials that will allow us to get more cleaning done in the same time; an extra pair of hands to help put the dining tables away, because my joints are starting to complain; another tabbard and apron; decent lighting near the outdoor bins so that I don't fall flat on my face in the dark... and so on. None of this is your problem but the school may be fundraising for expensive, exciting things so that there's more money for these little, humdrum ones.

Sorry, I'm a Grinch, I admit it.

triceratops12 Sun 15-Nov-20 07:55:20

If you want to buy gifts, do things like glue sticks, scissors, coloured paper that teachers normally buy from their own pocket

DappledThings Sun 15-Nov-20 09:06:21

People buy Christmas presents for teachers? I had no idea of this. DC1 is in Reception now so it's our first time.

I'd heard ofnend of year presents but didn't realise I was meant to do Xmas too. What a minefield.

DinosApple Sun 15-Nov-20 09:07:57

I'll still be contributing to my DD's teacher gift.

Just to remind everyone saying teachers get a good salary, and not everyone in schools does (TAs, MDSA, cleaners)! We're not talking anything mega, a box of biscuits or some mince pies or chocolates, and they get shared - or opened and left where everyone can take one. Sometimes the children bake us a biscuit each and that's so lovely.

I'm a mere TA and don't expect a gift but I've already bought all 60 children in the classes I teach a small gift -which will be quarantined first. Children have has an awful year, it will spread a little joy!

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