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Mens trousers for extremely swollen leg

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secretgirl Fri 13-Nov-20 12:27:24

I'm looking for trousers for a family member who has a medical condition which results in an abnormally swollen leg. He can't get anything to git him and is in the same trousers all the time. He's elderly so doesn't want tracksuit bottoms.
Can anyone recommend there I might get a pair of chinos for him?
Thanks in advance

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lockupyourcinammon Fri 13-Nov-20 14:28:57

I think you need a tailor

Keep1984fiction Fri 13-Nov-20 15:17:04

Just Google disabled clothing mens.
There are numerous sites with adapted clothing.
I know it's doesn't sound PC but it works

CMOTDibbler Fri 13-Nov-20 15:28:15

I think a tailor/seamstress would be able to adapt them for him - I think you would need to buy two pairs so that one pair can donate fabric to expand the leg as needed. Depending on how swollen it is and where, then poppers or a zip on the outside seam might be required to let him get his leg in without having too much fabric elsewhere, but they could be hidden easily.

secretgirl Mon 16-Nov-20 20:00:55

Thanks all

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Keep1984fiction Mon 16-Nov-20 20:11:59

Having trouble with link but a company called big and tall menswear. Item B 1073 seems to fit the bill.
Called lymphedema trousers 49.50

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