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DS is ill - advice please!

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Champagneforeveryone Fri 13-Nov-20 02:08:01

DS(16) has been unwell since the weekend. Initially we suspected a flu type bug, but with a high temperature he needed a Covid test which thankfully came back negative.

He's mentioned on and off since Saturday that he had a stomach ache but this has got perceptibly worse. This morning DH received a panicky call from DS asking him to collect him from college as he felt so unwell.

I cannot stress enough that DS is very rarely ill and is known for soldiering on regardless. I'm unsure whether he simply has no experience of being quite ill? He says he feels iller than he ever has before.

I'm just home from work and he's still tottering back and forth to the bathroom. He says he has diarrhoea and has been to the toilet at least 20 times throughout the day (by my count)

He has stomach pain but it is "all over" rather than in one place. Sometimes it "is enough to make him flinch". When he came home from college he said it felt like his stomach was twisted. He hasn't eaten for nearly 24 hours - I truly suspect this is the first time this has happened since he was born.

As a parent I'm so unprepared for this as like I said, he's never ill. The fact he's in such a sorry state makes me feel concerned, but I'm not sure how to deal with it? I'm guessing it's now a call to the GP in the morning?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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DigitalChristmas Fri 13-Nov-20 02:09:35

I would call 111 now for advice if you are in the uk.

incognitomum Fri 13-Nov-20 02:12:46

Yes call 111

mrsbyers Fri 13-Nov-20 02:13:23

Make sure he is keeping up electrolyte intake , diahoralite or google st Mark’s solution to replace lost fluids and the risks around dehydration

Pumpkinpied Fri 13-Nov-20 02:14:04

Don't wait. 111 at a minimum.

Champagneforeveryone Fri 13-Nov-20 02:17:24

111 online said to call the GP which I will do later, unless he's made a miraculous recovery.

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grassisjeweled Fri 13-Nov-20 02:17:29

Yeah, 111

grassisjeweled Fri 13-Nov-20 02:18:43

Can he keep water down?

Champagneforeveryone Fri 13-Nov-20 02:20:33

He's not vomited at all, he says he's got nothing to throw up. But realistically he also hasn't vomited for at least 10 years either.

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Crakeandoryx Fri 13-Nov-20 02:41:09

Plenty of water and rest. He should be staying at home. There are some really nasty stomach bugs doing the rounds at the moment.

I think see if it settles over the next 24 hours. You could get him some rehydration sachets or lucozade (flat coke, not sugar free works as well) and give him some tablets to ease the toilet visits and pain killers (paracetamol).

Call 111 if you feel you need to.

Champagneforeveryone Fri 13-Nov-20 02:47:26

Thank you all.

crake there's no way he's going anywhere at the moment!

I hope the fact he's never ever had a stomach bug(!) means he has no idea how grotty you can actually feel. He's asleep now, I'm off to bed and will see how he is in the morning. Thank you to every for your advice smile

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Bubbles1986 Fri 13-Nov-20 03:37:09

Have u checked him for any rash?

Keyperfect Fri 13-Nov-20 03:44:03

Has he taken Immodium or similar? To give him a break from the diarrhoea. Poor lad. It sounds horrible. Hope he's better in the morning

AlternativePerspective Fri 13-Nov-20 03:57:39

If he’s never had a stomach bug before then his resistance will be lower and he will be feeling worse.

Sleep is best where possible, as it gives his system a rest from constantly going to the loo.

Sips of water to keep hydrated. If he can keep water in for twenty minutes his body will gain the benefit of it, but it should only be sipped as his stomach is currently delicate and needs gentle hydration not an overload.

Be careful of using things such as Imodium. They definitely have their place but as rough as this sounds, as he’s going to the loo he is getting rid of the bug from his system quicker than if it is kept inside.

If he can keep water down for around six hours then introduce very light eating. Dry toast (no dairy products. If he’ll eat marmite then put a bit of that on as it can actually be beneficial (I’m guessing something to do with the yeast but don’t quote me on that,)

Obviously speak to the GP in the morning if he gets worse but tbh there’s very little they can do for stomach bugs.

ShalomToYouJackie Fri 13-Nov-20 04:00:04

As others have said, dioralyte and lucozade will help loads

midsummabreak Fri 13-Nov-20 04:42:55

See GP ASAP to determine cause and rule out other issues

charlieclown Fri 13-Nov-20 04:52:28

I'm surprised so many people think you need to call your gp for a stomach bug. It sounds horrid, but bugs generally are. Have I missed something?

I hope he feels better soon

Nordicgnome Fri 13-Nov-20 04:59:53

Hope he wakes up feeling better. If he is still grotty definitely call GP. Stomach bugs such as Noro usually come on quickly and involve 24-48 of vomiting then diahrrea plus temp, stomach cramps/pain and generally feeling awful. For it to have started last weekend with no vomiting and still feeling vile nearly a week on sounds not the typical winter vomiting thing. Hope he is soon on the mend.

Nat6999 Fri 13-Nov-20 05:10:34

Give him drinks with sugar in them, flat lemonade, weak full sugar squash, flat lucozade or lucozade sport, water will just bounce straight back, the sugar will help him absorb fluid & make him feel better, give him paracetamol as well, after a couple of hours try dry toast.

thecakebadge Fri 13-Nov-20 05:33:43

I agree that you’re right to call GP in the morning. As a pp said, those really horrible bugs usually come on very quickly, make you feel horrendous for 24-48 hours and then are done. The fact it’s lingered and has got worse is a bit worrying.

Oreservoir Fri 13-Nov-20 06:15:09

If your ds is no better today get him to the gp or a & e. He could have appendicitis.

Witchend Fri 13-Nov-20 06:35:28

I'd get him checked for appendicitis. Try pressing on his stomach. You may find that when you do that there is a place that is worse.

MindyStClaire Fri 13-Nov-20 07:49:40

I think I'd get him checked just in case of something like appendicitis given it's been going on a while.

I know what you mean about him never being ill though, DH and his whole family are like this. Whenever they do get something truly horrific (you know, like a cold hmmgrin ) it's almost funny to watch their complete bewilderment. We got the same dose once, DH just couldn't understand how I was still mostly functioning with a fever the guts of a degree higher than his. Practice dear, practice!

Champagneforeveryone Fri 13-Nov-20 16:22:13

Many thanks again to everyone.

He's feeling a little better. Not so much stomach pain but still some diarrhoea, though not as often.

He's ate some toast and marmite and was playing guitar earlier. TBH the lack of eating and guitar playing was the most worrying aspects!

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Spud13 Fri 13-Nov-20 16:24:15


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