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ADs take the National Express when their lives' in a mess, it will make them smile

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BogRollBOGOF Thu 12-Nov-20 17:39:13

🎤On the National Express
There’s a jolly hostess
Giving porridge free
She’ll provide you with shots
amaretto or what
You like to seeeeee...

Going out was in style
Now we’re stuck in this aisle
Dream of being free
And it’s hard to get by
When your arse is the size
Of the furlough feeeeeee🎤

Bah ba ba la
Bah ba ba la

Tomorrow belongs to meee...

Welcome to the 17:38 to freedom, stopping at virtual hugs, critical discourse, and random tangents along the way. ETA unknown...

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BogRollBOGOF Thu 12-Nov-20 17:41:32

Thanks to Autumn Acorn for the updated lyrics.

Link from previous thread

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MercyBooth Thu 12-Nov-20 17:55:54


WouldBeGood Thu 12-Nov-20 17:56:24

Love the title 😊

ISaySteadyOn Thu 12-Nov-20 18:04:36


Thanks for the new thread. I am going to try to be less gloomy even though it is hard.

I am currently working through all of Shirley Jackson's works. Did you know that she actually wrote some great books on family life? Life Among the Savages and Raising Demons

SirSamuelVimes Thu 12-Nov-20 18:11:54

Fabulous title and opening post. Brava!!

Checking in. Still alive.

DrDiva Thu 12-Nov-20 18:14:50

Thanks for the new thread!

TheOrchidKiller Thu 12-Nov-20 18:25:57

Lovely song!
Bagsy not getting the seat opposite the toilet! (Still having flashbacks to that 3 hour journey).
I have a big bag of sweets to pass around, whatever you all fancy.
Are we having a sing-along & a whip-round at the end for the driver?

Claretandbluearmy Thu 12-Nov-20 18:29:05

Taking the plunge on this brand new thread and posting for the first time. Hello! Have been reading for months as I slowly go round the bend...

ISaySteadyOn Thu 12-Nov-20 18:31:57


Fabulous title and opening post. Brava!!

Checking in. Still alive.

Are you doing science? Is the cake a lie? wink

Pleasedontdothat Thu 12-Nov-20 18:33:05

Checking in .. I will try to up my vegetable game for this thread ...

TheOrchidKiller Thu 12-Nov-20 18:37:36

Welcome on our coach trip!

@Pleasedontdothat I have bought another phallic butternut squash this week, & will try to remember to photograph it. It's now become a matter of importance to pick the rudest one in the shop. This is what my life has come to. smile

HitchikersGuide Thu 12-Nov-20 18:49:21


Whoooootaminute Thu 12-Nov-20 19:18:22

Had an epic shop at Aldi this afternoon. Over £100 which is a lot seeing as I only wanted some minced Beef and veggies. Stocked up on booze, which is a shame as I just started some new meds which don't go well with alcohol.. Aaargh.. 😂

I commented to DH today that I couldn't believe it has only been one week since lockdown started. He replied yes, that means only three to go.. Look on the bright side. Bloody optimistic bastard envy makes me sick..

rosettesforjill Thu 12-Nov-20 19:26:58

It's a sad day when the week's highlight is your Ocado shop arriving (1) with no substitutions and (2) in the Percy Pig van. What has my life become?!

Sonicthehedgehogg Thu 12-Nov-20 19:27:14

Checking in. Had my first day of freeeeeddddooommmmm today, which was good. Came home to a weeping and hopeless DH.... less good.
We Hedgehoggs do not tolerate being kept in and unable to exercise both our bodies and our liberties.

bakingcupcakes Thu 12-Nov-20 19:36:17

Omg there's a percy pig van?! I need to see one. grin I got horribly distracted by the percy pig display outside our m&s food on sunday.

Nothing new to report from the baking household. DS has had a horrible week at school and was less than impressed to discover there's no swimming again tonight. The traffic going to work is fabulous ie there isn't any so I'm getting to the car park with time left over for reading.

Love the thread title.

LivinLaVidaLoki Thu 12-Nov-20 19:36:43

Checking in!
Work is horrendous still, for the first time in my career I'm feeling like I'm completely burning out.

But ds (9) is, for some reason, obsessed with "only fools and horses" and I'm currently sat snuggled with him watching it hearing him laugh so so hard at jokes he probably doesn't even get is utterly priceless.
Going to get him off to bed soon and have a hot chocolate and a biscuit I think.

I'm thinking of making my Christmas cake this weekend but not sure if its too early.

Whoooootaminute Thu 12-Nov-20 19:38:53

Livin I always make my Xmas cake/s in October so they get lots of time to soak up the weekly tot of brandy.

Whoooootaminute Thu 12-Nov-20 19:40:11

Sonic. Please to hear you're free at last. I can imagine it being horrible having to stay home.

Theredjellybean Thu 12-Nov-20 19:40:39

Place watching

bakingcupcakes Thu 12-Nov-20 19:40:52

Just googled the percy pig van. Wish we had those around here! DS would love it.

It's making me think of the first time I saw a real coca cola lorry in Belgium. Think I was about 12 and my mum took me out of school for a long weekend away. I was under strict instructions to tell no one we'd been away in term time so I couldn't share my excitement about seeing the lorry with anyone.

MrsBranestawm Thu 12-Nov-20 19:47:03

Loving the song OP. I can hear the tune in my head.
I’ve been lurking and reading past threads but I’m now jumping in to save my sanity amidst all this effing madness.

Claretandbluearmy Thu 12-Nov-20 19:47:26

It's a sad day when the week's highlight is hearing about the existence of a Percy Pig van for the first time. What is this mystical creature of which you speak?! Need to switch my shop from Waitrose, clearly! grin

Livin I made my Christmas cake last weekend. There’s enough bourbon in it to sink a battleship - and I have already eaten a disturbingly a large amount of the second cake the mixture had enough for! Do it!

DominaShantotto Thu 12-Nov-20 19:49:05

I see they're baying for Strictly to be cancelled now "to remind us how terrible a threat this virus still is"

They Party Political Broadcast for the Corona Party ruined Holby as well - I turned it off after some awful dialogue about how it was like going into hell putting PPE on. I WAS doing OK - but my mood has just sunk again after the week's run of Zoom shit and facetime singing lessons.

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