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Worst present you received as a child

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threetethree Thu 12-Nov-20 07:37:46

Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone!

Was just thinking about my birthday when I was about 7. My auntie gave me a present and it was a cross stitch of a spider going up a drainpipe after it had rained hmm
At that age i was TERRIFIED of spiders. I was visibly shaking as I threw it to the floor. It put me off opening any other presents.

So what was the worst present you received as a child?

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Jupiterscallisto Thu 12-Nov-20 07:40:05

One pair of tights from a pack of two. It was still in the packaging so it was clear one set was missing. I was about 7 and was confused

Londoncatshed Thu 12-Nov-20 07:40:30

Thermals. Bought by a caring relative who wanted to keep me warm, but not what a teenager can get excited about receiving 😬

Thisendsnow Thu 12-Nov-20 07:41:39

Aged 14, whenever my grandparents would visit they'd bring little gifts/trinkets. I received a tube of acnecide to help 'those horrific spots and to finally sort your skin out'... I didn't realise I had awful skin confused literally maybe 2 minor pimples.
The weird thing is my grandma was super nice and lovely and was genuinely doing this from a place of love so it really freaked me out that I must look awful and hadn't even noticed myself.

picklemewalnuts Thu 12-Nov-20 07:42:33

Two pairs of pants from an aunt.

One year all I got for Christmas (from my parents) was school uniform items- PE sweatshirt and scarf, I think- and an album of St Winifred's school choir.

VioletSunset Thu 12-Nov-20 07:50:13

On christmas when I was 18 my siblings and I were sat down opening the present we each got from our parents. My brother got a ticket to see Dire Straits live, my sister got tickets to see Rhianna, and i got a dressing gown. I was absolutely gutted, i'd never been to a live concert and my parents knew how much I would have loved to go.

jessstan1 Thu 12-Nov-20 07:59:09

I don't know about 'worst' exactly but do remember my mum being pleased with a big doll she bought me which talked if you wound up a lever in the doll's middle. I had desperately wanted a little train set and woke up in the morning with my mum sitting next to my bed, holding the doll which was making scratchy voice noises. I smiled but it was disappointing. I hated dolls! I never played with it but remember it had black hair and a white dress.

Another thing was my dolls' pram which was quite an elaborate affair. I found it excruciatingly embarrassing to have to go out with it. Once I let go of it and didn't know the brake wasn't on so it travelled out into the road and upturned, stopping traffic. People thought it was a real pram with a real baby! I got told off but I was only little and didn't know, I hadn't done it on purpose, was in a world of my own. Anyway I never had to take it out again. I remember my mum saying, "I wanted to put my shopping in it". Typical. She could have bought one for herself!

Darklane Thu 12-Nov-20 08:07:27

When I was three my dad bought me a pair of Indian Clubs, the big wooden ones you swing round your head. The next year he bought me a pair of boxing gloves & punchball on a stand, my birthday was a train set.
Somehow got the vague idea he had wanted a boy.

MellowMelly Thu 12-Nov-20 08:11:11

Mine was one of the presents in my stocking when I was about 12/13. It was a little Russian doll pin cushion. I remember thinking what on earth is this and why has it got pins in it. Mum must of seen my baffled face and said ‘it’s a pin cushion, it goes with the colours in your bedroom’.

I absolutely don’t want to sound ungrateful as I know many children go without for many reasons but I just remember that so clearly. I didn’t even do sewing grin

CanSomeoneElsePickMyName Thu 12-Nov-20 08:57:41

A foot spa. I'd kill for one now smile

Crystal87 Thu 12-Nov-20 09:02:35

Any clothes item when I was hoping for a toy.

Greenglassteacup Thu 12-Nov-20 09:05:31

Peach bath products every birthday and Christmas from an Auntie throughout the 1980’s. It used to smell like vomit.

Diddumz Thu 12-Nov-20 09:09:21

A reproduction China doll from my Grannie. It was horrid. It had a nylon wig and it's face had a blueish cast. I never played with it.

Oreservoir Thu 12-Nov-20 09:12:33

A little metal child's sewing machine, I was 10 and hated sewing. My sister got a typewriter, I was so jealous.
On my 18th my dm gave me a bracelet that she had bought for my cousins 21st a month earlier. Apparently my aunty had already bought my cousin a bracelet so dm got cousin a different gift.
I've never worn the bracelet as it's too big and hideous.

Mintjulia Thu 12-Nov-20 09:14:39

My childless aunt gave me a school reading book for Xmas when I was 5. She gave my 3yo sister a tea set.

I threw the book at her and said I wanted a tea set instead, so I got a smack too.

I never did like her much. grin

amusedbush Thu 12-Nov-20 09:57:26

My granny's best friend buys the weirdest gifts and the whole family looks forward to seeing what she has bought us each Christmas.

When my brother was about 8 she bought him a set of basic white eggcups. A whole set! She gave my dad an alarm clock every Christmas for about five years. A couple of years ago she knitted my auntie the ugliest brown waistcoat grin

Obviously we thank her graciously for the gifts but it has become a bit of a game between us.

BearSoFair Thu 12-Nov-20 10:28:36

A brown felt waistcoat with satin tulips wonkily sewn on the boobs from a friend of my parents! confused I was about 15. We assumed she must have mixed up some presents when she was wrapping but we never mentioned it.

Mrsjayy Thu 12-Nov-20 10:31:59

A girls world I hated dolls and you could pull the hair to make it longer gave me the creeps I ended up cutting her hair blush

amusedbush Thu 12-Nov-20 10:32:00


My childless aunt gave me a school reading book for Xmas when I was 5. She gave my 3yo sister a tea set.

I threw the book at her and said I wanted a tea set instead, so I got a smack too.

I never did like her much. grin

Oh, this reminds me of the Christmas 1998 Towel Debacle.

On Christmas morning my brother and I had matching squishy parcels from our great auntie. He opened his and it was a matching Pokemon bath towel and facecloth.

I excitedly ripped mine open and it was Winnie the fucking Pooh. I've never liked Winnie the Pooh but I was 8yo and OBSESSED with Pokemon. My brother was 2yo and barely knew what his nose was, never mind Pikachu angry

I threw a shit fit and tried to swap them but my parents were having none of it. I'm still salty about it, to be honest grin

Mrsjayy Thu 12-Nov-20 10:46:09

I remember my aunt gave me pants and bathcubes when I was12 maybe 13 the pants not even my size !

pastandpresent Thu 12-Nov-20 11:01:51

It's not worst, but most unusual present I got from my parents(there were many, non typical presents) was proper craft knife when I was not even in school, maybe when i was 3 or 4. How could my parents trusted me enough to handle that safely is beyond my comprehension. But I turned out ok, no missing fingers because of it.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 12-Nov-20 11:06:41

To reverse it. The worse present I’ve probably ever given anyone was a scarf I knitted for my uncle. It was only about as long and wide as worm. grin

user1493494961 Thu 12-Nov-20 11:09:39

I always received bathcubes or a box of handkerchiefs.

Elzbells Thu 12-Nov-20 11:11:01

My auntie used to buy me a nylon nightie with a character on the front every year. Every time you moved in it when sitting on my (also man made fibre carpet) I would get sparks and neatly set myself on fire!

Voyager54 Thu 12-Nov-20 11:12:52

Very many years ago at Christmas when I was about six my parents bought me a girls cycle. As a male I was most upset and I was made a bit of a fool by my friends. I could not wait until I was a bit older and got a 21in gents bike!

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