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Steak delivery - where's best?

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Bridecilla Sun 08-Nov-20 16:02:46

DP has a milestone birthday next weekend. We should have been going away but obviously that's off.

The plan was he'd grab steaks for a special dinner however he's now isolating for the next week and a half 🙈

I'm working full time and juggling getting dc to school etc around his isolation and I don't drive so no chance of nipping to the shops.

I've just seen an advert for Donald Russel - are they any good? Any other recommendations? I really want to make him a gorgeous dinner

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sueelleker Sun 08-Nov-20 16:26:17

Their meat is beautiful, if rather expensive. I've ordered my Christmas turkey and beef from them. And they've got some offers on steaks at the moment.

Bridecilla Sun 08-Nov-20 16:29:49

Thank you @sueelleker I'm hoping they csn deliver in time if I order today.

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gwilt Sun 08-Nov-20 16:30:02

Donald Russell is FANTASTIC. Definitely buy from there.

The best steak we've ever had and they have some great deals (e.g. I've just ordered some flat iron steaks for £3.75 each and free delivery over £40).

It's fantastically packaged with freezing cold packs to keep it fresh.

Do it!!

ifiwasascent Sun 08-Nov-20 16:32:23

No recommendations but I had steak last night and made truffle and parmasan chips which were unreal! Truffle oil from amazon and has truffle shavings- £8 for 100ml!

Bridecilla Sun 08-Nov-20 16:32:57

@gwilt what's a flat iron steak?

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gwilt Sun 08-Nov-20 16:38:50

A delicious and less commonly eaten steak which is super tasty and tender. You can read more at

Bridecilla Sun 08-Nov-20 16:44:42

@ifiwasascent I'll look, thank you!

Thinking about ordering the Steak night for 2 pack and maybe some extra bits to avoid delivery charges!

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FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 08-Nov-20 16:46:23

Jurassic Coats Meats, local to me and only by my beef from them

HitchikersGuide Sun 08-Nov-20 16:46:55

Yes! They're great! Enjoy!

isseywith4vampirecats Sun 08-Nov-20 16:50:08

ye gods how much just had a look at the christmas stuff £47 a Kg for chocolate mousse and £15 for a cheesecake

Bridecilla Sun 08-Nov-20 16:54:05


I'm not usually so spendy but he's turning 50, we're in England so can't even go out for a drink never mind away to a hotel as planned. We were meant to get married this year too and that was cancelled. I just want to do something nice for him.

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helloxhristmas Sun 08-Nov-20 16:56:51

Hawksmoor are doing a meal that you can get delivered. Looks amazing and their steaks in the restaurant are great.

BadgerFace Sun 08-Nov-20 16:57:07

We’ve had Donald Russell a few times over lockdown, v nice. Had a great steak last night and stew in the oven for tonight...

justoffshift Sun 08-Nov-20 16:57:23

Does anyone have a referral code for Donald R. My MIL uses them regularly so I can vouch for the quality.

gobbynorthernbird Sun 08-Nov-20 16:59:07


Hawksmoor are doing a meal that you can get delivered. Looks amazing and their steaks in the restaurant are great.

I was going to suggest Hawksmoor at home. It is amazing.

isseywith4vampirecats Sun 08-Nov-20 17:00:37

@BridecillaBridecilla yes for a one off i dont blame you and a Good meal out would be around the same price the food does look fabulous, enjoy

NameChange84 Sun 08-Nov-20 17:03:34

I love this company- DELICIOUS and they’ve never let me down.

LedaandtheSwan Sun 08-Nov-20 17:07:17


DustyD2 Sun 08-Nov-20 17:14:19

Cote also do meat and meal delivery which is very nice quality, we had some yummy steaks from them. Although for a 50th the Hawksmoor delivery looks fab, and comes with cocktails and wine too!

Bridecilla Sun 08-Nov-20 17:26:39

Will have a look at Hawksmoor once dp puts ds to bed.

Assuming they deliver - don't think we're near one!

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CottonSock Sun 08-Nov-20 17:29:17

The curries from Donald Russell were nice too. I added a few to make it worth while. It is pricey.

NastyBlouse Sun 08-Nov-20 17:31:44

Donald Russell gets good reviews, I’ve never tried them though.

I use Greendale, Pipers Farm or Farmison for online meat deliveries. All vg and good for animal welfare etc.

mynameiscalypso Sun 08-Nov-20 17:34:17

I've used the ethical butcher a lot over the last 6 months and really rate them and everything we've had from there.

gobbynorthernbird Sun 08-Nov-20 17:35:52

@Bridecilla they do nationwide delivery, assuming you're in England.

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