Sore boobs before period

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Twiiggs Sun 08-Nov-20 13:04:28

I have such sore boobs for at least 2 weeks out of every month before my period and I'm so fed up of it. If they were just a bit tender it would be ok, but it's full on, not able to wear a bra, sleep on my front etc, for 50% of the time. Then I get a week of period and 1only week per month where I'm not in some kind of discomfort.

On the advice I saw on another thread I've been taking Agnus Castus for 4 months, with no improvement. I've also seen magnesium recommended on here. Is it a case of just trying supplements until you find something that works? I can't take the pill etc due to side effects. The doctor said to take painkillers but I can't take painkillers every day for 2 weeks ( and they don't do much anyway) Any other magical cures???

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Barton10 Sun 08-Nov-20 13:10:07

I don’t have any advice but have exactly the same thing and it is so painful and I can’t bear them to be touched

adarkwhisperinthewoodwasheard Sun 08-Nov-20 13:19:53

This was me!

Earlier this year started having a daily B vitamin supplement (Berocca). Pretty much all my PMS symptoms have gone except bloating and a bit of weepiness the day before. Changed my life

Twiiggs Sun 08-Nov-20 16:00:17

B vitamins - haven't heard of that! Another supplement to add to the list to try! How long before it made a difference?

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everybodyknowsus Sun 08-Nov-20 16:03:44

I also used to suffer with horrendous PMT and found Berocca or Redoxon really helps with all of them; headaches, water retention, bloating, sore boobs and also the previously uncontrollable murderous rage I used to feel grin

adarkwhisperinthewoodwasheard Sun 08-Nov-20 16:53:32

It worked pretty quickly. 1-2 cycles. In fact, it was only about 3-4 months after I started to have a daily berocca that it twigged that I hadn't had any PMS (or sore boobs) for months.

Lunariagal Sun 08-Nov-20 17:07:18

My doctor prescribed me vit b6 in a high strength dose. Worked well. Probably took about 4 weeks to feel a difference.


Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Sun 08-Nov-20 17:10:02

This is interesting. I had this issue until I had my kids. All went away and I assumed my boobs had sorted themselves out.

Now it’s back. I have tried dairy free, magnesium, b vits, various herbs.

I think it’s to do with progesterone dipping.

I’m going to do a hormone test privately before Xmas and will let you know if it uncovers anything. There is a supplement called DIM that can help

Twiiggs Sun 08-Nov-20 18:12:15

Thanks everyone. Maybe I'll give Vitamin B6 a go first the. Fingers crossed!

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FlatterNow Sun 08-Nov-20 18:16:10

I've found oil of evening primrose supplements have worked for me - this has come on in the past couple of years, presumably as part of the endless journey of discovery that is the peri-menopause. But reading the thread above, bit B sounds a good idea.

TotoroPotoro Sun 08-Nov-20 18:26:03

I get this SO bad, and I'm on the coil so I don't even have the relief of a period. I've been back and forth to the gp and completed a six month pain diary which proved it was cyclical. They can't offer any suggestion of help beyond painkillers. What vit B strength are people taking?

Lunariagal Sun 08-Nov-20 20:48:22

That reminds me. I did find that dairy made the pain worse.

Lunariagal Sun 08-Nov-20 20:49:46

Ref the vit b6 strength - I think the doc prescribed 100mg, so quite strong.

Makegoodchoices Sun 08-Nov-20 20:56:23

@FlatterNow That’s so funny - sore boobs are the main side effect if I take evening primrose! Just shows how individual these things are!

Twiiggs Fri 08-Jan-21 13:41:59


OP here. I came back to this thread to update 2 months after starting 50mg a day of B6. It's almost completely cured my excruciatingly painful boobs before my period. I've gone from about 16 days of pain, to about 6 days of slightly sensitive boobs. So thanks so much for the B6 recommendation!

Another unexpected bonus of taking B6 is that I've lost about 2 pounds of water weight. I read up on it, and B6 acts as a diuretic. I didn't realise how bloated I was before I started taking it!

Hope this helps some other people suffering with this.

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Cindy87 Fri 08-Jan-21 13:47:38

I had various severe pmt symptoms and for me it was a case of finding the right combination of supplements to reduce the symptoms, yes!

B6 and magnesium work best for me.

Cindy87 Fri 08-Jan-21 13:48:48

Oh sorry, just saw your update! Glad B6 has worked well for you too!

DratThatCat Fri 08-Jan-21 14:29:06

Thank you so much for starting (and updating) this thread! I'm exactly the same but I've always been fobbed off at the docs with the suggestion of 'just take painkillers' like many of you. I bet if it was men who suffered with this they wouldn't be told to get on with it. I'm going to get some vitamin b6 tablets to try, so fingers crossed they'll do the trick.

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