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Youth in a bottle

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DK123 Sun 08-Nov-20 02:53:07

Whenever I open and smell a bottle of a certain perfume, it literally takes me back in time and it's like I could close my eyes and be 17 again. For me it's Dior Pure Poison, it's the closest thing to a time machine I've ever found!

I'm curious to know what perfume that is for other people and what feelings or things it takes you back to?

For me, it's a feeling of excitement, like I'm just venturing out into the big wide world for the first time, ready to take it on. First romance and I can still feel those butterflies. Going clubbing and the buzz I felt. It's the confident, fearless, spontaneous person who I wish I could be again.

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DC3Dakota Sun 08-Nov-20 12:30:22

Belles De Ricci!!!! It transports me back to being 12/13 again!
I recently paid £50 for a surviving 100ml bottle of Eau De Parfum on eBay and it's perfect! I just love it. I'd do anything for them to bring it back

DK123 Sun 08-Nov-20 15:48:38

@DC3Dakota I'm glad you found a bottle!

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BrieAndChilli Sun 08-Nov-20 15:52:10

Late night Christmas shopping

The crispness of the air, the lights etc. Takes me back to early teens when I was allowed to get the bus into town with my friends to go late night shopping, the city centre had a Ferris wheel etc that we would all go on.
I think dark and cold and crisp actually takes me back to my teen years because as an adult I don’t really hang around outside in the evening when it’s cold and dark - get in the car and go wherever I am going whereas as a teenager we would walk around the village/hang out at the park etc all the time so being out in the dark and cold emojis me of then.

BrieAndChilli Sun 08-Nov-20 15:53:25

Sorry realised you asked what perfume! But if you could bottle dark and crisp and cold that would be mine grin

Sparklingbrook Sun 08-Nov-20 15:57:37

Oh darn it, by the title I thought you were going to recommend a skincare product that would make me look 20 years younger. sad grin

Kouros aftershave makes me weak at the knees. I had a very handsome/pretty boyfriend in the 80s who wore it and oh my, I had a sniff in Debenhams a few years ago and I was back there again. blush

TheSeedsOfADream Sun 08-Nov-20 15:59:20

Anaïs Anaïs.
Worn between the ages of 16 and 20.
It's still my comfort food perfume.

Sparklingbrook Sun 08-Nov-20 16:01:15


Anaïs Anaïs.
Worn between the ages of 16 and 20.
It's still my comfort food perfume.

Oh I loved that. Also Paris YSL and Loulou.

My friend wore Giorgio Beverley Hills which was revolting.

PajamasnoDramas Sun 08-Nov-20 16:06:10

Cristalle EDP and Very Valentino take me right back to my twenties. The latter now discontinued 😢.

I never really had proper perfume before that save for bottles of le Jardin or Yardley Pink Lace I received at Christmas. A bit better than that was Revlon Xia Xang, ah, the memories.

0blio Sun 08-Nov-20 16:07:24

Estee Lauder Youth Dew reminds me of being young and in awe of elegant women dressed up and going out in the evening. I could never afford such an expensive fragrance so I used to wear Pagan, Aqua Manda or Tabu on my nights out.

General smells though - in the 60s everyone's houses seemed to smell of chip fat, cigarette smoke and hair lacquer - sounds disgusting but I loved it.

FippertyGibbett Sun 08-Nov-20 16:13:32

Samsara and LouLou.
Opium reminds me of a dear friend of my mother.

NeutralJanet Sun 08-Nov-20 16:17:32

Dewberry was the scent of my youth. I wish they would bring it back. Remember the perfume bar in the Body Shop, and the pick and mix fruit shape soaps and bath pearls, back when the Body Shop was good.

PeaceAndHarmoneeee Sun 08-Nov-20 16:22:07


Haven't smelled it for decades - bet it's absolutely vile 🤣

Splodgetastic Sun 08-Nov-20 16:22:42

Belles de Ricci takes me back too. I was 20 and spending the summer studying not in the UK. Acquired a very sexy foreign boyfriend also studying away from home. It was the best time!

hollyhope Sun 08-Nov-20 16:29:48

chip fat ,cigarette smoke and hair lacquer
You could easily reproduce that smell!

Greenteandchives Sun 08-Nov-20 16:30:16

Havoc, by Mary Quant.
My mates clubbed together to get me some for my 21st. We were all skint students and it meant a lot.

MysweetAudrina Sun 08-Nov-20 16:32:05

Poison, dewberry oil, nenuco (sp all the Spanish students wore it) Anais anais.

DK123 Sun 08-Nov-20 16:33:04

@Sparklingbrook sorry! I wish there actually was a product I'd found that was a bottled elixir of youth which I could recommend! But I think the closest thing is having the memories of your own youth captured in a bottle that you can sniff and for a moment, be transported back.
For me, it's always going to be Dior pure poison. I close my eyes and for a few moments I'm back there, walking into a dark club, Girls Aloud sound of the underground is playing and I'm so ready to take on the world!

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Woolysock Sun 08-Nov-20 16:33:58

Estée Lauder Beautiful and The Body Shop White musk, I don’t like either now but did when I was in my teens.

DK123 Sun 08-Nov-20 16:42:57

@Woolysock I think there are probably a lot of Mnetters who find White Musk brings back a lot of memories!

If I had to pick a second that reminded me of being a bit younger, it would be White Musk.

The Body Shop smells really do take me back to the 90s. The memories of Saturdays in town, the excitement of walking into Claire's Accessories, rummaging through pound coins in a fluffy purse to see what I could afford and making sure I had enough for the bus back, a warm paper cone of chips, the bustle and the decorations in the precinct coming up to Christmas. I miss those times now!

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EdwardCullensBiteOnTheSide Sun 08-Nov-20 16:52:01

Agree with Dewberry, Loulou and Kouros. But my ultimate time machine smell is Acqua di Gio (might not be spelt right!)

INeedNewShoes Sun 08-Nov-20 16:57:04

Also here because I thought OP had found a miracle moisturiser that would knock 10 years off my skin...

The general waft of 1980s sickly fruitiness as you walked into or past the Body Shop would definitely transport me back.

My first perfume that I liked was CK1. If that's what the citrusy one was called. Wore it from age 16 I think.

midlifecrash Sun 08-Nov-20 16:57:06

Corbieres, I remember when it was £2.99 from Tesco. These days it is unfortunately not only pricey but nearly always 14% ABV or over, which is too much for me

GeidiPrimes Sun 08-Nov-20 16:59:55

Diorella for me - not sure if it still exists anymore. Mixed with poppers, dry ice and cannabis smoke for full authenticity.

SomeSmotheringDreams Sun 08-Nov-20 17:02:19

Eau de Givenchy. Luckily it was briefly brought back a few years ago so I have a bottle.

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