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Mayflower7911 Mon 02-Nov-20 14:11:03

Hi, I'm really early to be testing but I've had all pregnancy symptoms and even been sick twice this last week. My last period never turned up and my next one is due in 6 days (sunday). At 7dpo I got a faint positive afternoon urine, tested again and got negative. 8dpo got a stronger faint positive same time around 1pm, then negative few hours later. Last couple of days been negative and CBD said 'not pregnant' I'm currently 9dpo (this is more an estimate) and will be trying IC with evening urine but really not sure what to think with the mixture of positive and negative !! Cant upload pics as I'm a new member but I just really need some advice.. I'm only 20 and it would be my first

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lubeybooby Mon 02-Nov-20 14:13:08

much more likely to have a false negative, positive results are hugely reliable. So my guess is, you are pregnant

RosieLemonade Mon 02-Nov-20 15:16:49

I hope you get the results you want. I had 3 false negatives with DD. In fact I never got a positive.

BuffayTheVampireLayer Mon 02-Nov-20 16:11:31

Have you done any tests with your first urine of the day? It becomes more diluted throughout the day and not all tests are made equally so some will pick up the hormones where some won't when it's early. I found first response to be the best ones for early detection.

Mayflower7911 Mon 02-Nov-20 16:28:32

Me too! After seeing a positive I dont want to see any negatives now..

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Mayflower7911 Mon 02-Nov-20 16:30:05

I've done 3 a day, fun always negative, smu positives, after that negative. I do wake up a lot during the night with dry mouth and drink a fair bit so it's not very concentrated. Also as I'm only 9dpo theres a chart that says evening is the best time to test when this early. I've heard FRER have gone downhill lately and given lots of false negatives so not too upset that mine were negative.

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VenusStarr Mon 02-Nov-20 17:10:44

How did you confirm ovulation? If you've missed a period and not had a positive it might have been an anovulatory cycle. But sounds like you think you ovulated later than usual? How long are your cycles normally?

The earliest I've had a bfp is 10dpo on a first response using fmu.

Mayflower7911 Mon 02-Nov-20 17:49:13

@VenusStarr it's not accurate but just a mobile period app where I track my periods. I could have either ovulated early or later than normal but I've had all the symptoms. I just did another cheapie and had a faint pink line (fainter than the others but SO confirmed). Were a really fertile family so it is possible. So total: 3 faint positives but only 9dpo. I've read other women on this thread getting them this early.

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KindergartenKop Mon 02-Nov-20 18:42:56

I think you should wait until you've missed your period to test again.

Mayflower7911 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:07:07

I'll do my best not to test, only 6 days I think to wait till my next period. If it doesnt come thatll be 2 missed hmm

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EmiliaAirheart Tue 03-Nov-20 10:36:38

Wait but also clear blue digital was much less sensitive for me than first response.

Mayflower7911 Fri 06-Nov-20 10:06:40

Well, I tested again (and yesterday couldn't help it) and they were both negative. Doctors confirmed it's most likely a miscarriage and to see if I bleed in the next 2 weeks. If I do, I've lost the pregnancy and if I dont they're going to do some tests. Not sure how to feel at the moment as it's looking like a MC...

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