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NHS childs flu call - fraud?

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Minceandtatties1 Mon 02-Nov-20 10:22:56

Hi has anyone else been called by a 0300 number asking about their child's flu vaccination? It all seemed a bit weird. At first I thought the woman was calling to book my child in for her vaccination. She knew my daughters name then get me to confirm her date of birth and address. She signposted me to the NHS website and where I could get the vaccination but it all felt a bit weird.

I didn't give out any bank details or anything. I'm not sure if a name an date of birth and is enough to scam someone?

the number that called me is:
0300 561 0230

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Riv12345 Mon 02-Nov-20 10:27:16

Have you googled the number that called you?

Or you could try calling it to see if it is genuine

emilygx Mon 02-Nov-20 10:31:52

Yes I had this Saturday afternoon from the NHS immunisation management department or something! I said that my son had it a couple of weeks ago.. it seems pretty legit but did feel abit dodgy! 😖
Mine was from 0300 561 0230.

emilygx Mon 02-Nov-20 10:34:08

I've just googled it and some are saying it's genuine, but there are a few reviews that say it's a scam. I can't see the number registered to any NHS website either? I'm not sure what to think now..

Minceandtatties1 Mon 02-Nov-20 10:37:27

Thanks for getting back. Yes I googled it too and it seemed a bit mixed. I reported it to the citizens advice possible fraud. They didn't know if it was legit or not either. I'm not sure what they would do with the info I gave them. I do feel a bit silly though! It didn't look like anyone online had had all their life savings stolen so that's a positive.

It is a bit weird though!

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Fightthebear Mon 02-Nov-20 10:40:13

If she’s calling you I see no reason why you should have had to confirm your child’s dob and address. That is reasonable security info to ask for if you are calling them.

icebearforpresident Mon 02-Nov-20 10:45:49

Some health boards are using an outside company to book in flu vaccinations this year, could explain the 0300 number. In the case of my health board it’s also been a total disaster with people not usually given a free vaccination having been offered them and those who should have them being told there’s none left (speaking from bitter experience).

They would ask you to confirm her details to make sure they were calling the right person, my nurse asks me to confirm my DOB & address before taking blood so makes sense they would ask these questions.

icebearforpresident Mon 02-Nov-20 10:50:07

That said, I’m in Scotland where kids get them in school, is that not the case in the rest of the UK?

Minceandtatties1 Mon 02-Nov-20 10:53:43

Thanks for the responses, even if it wasn't fraud it was a good reminder to me to be more careful. I should have asked them what they had on their system before happily just giving out information... It felt really different to the "obvious" scams you get about recent accidents etc.

I'm not sure about the school thing. Here they get them from age 3 and it's done at the GP normally.

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goldenharvest Mon 02-Nov-20 10:56:43

Call the GP as they should have a note if any contact made.

NewYorkIvy Mon 02-Nov-20 11:20:15

Yes I had a call from a 0300 number just before eldest had his flu vaccination in school, they wanted to clarify his medication and clearly had the form we'd sent back to school a few weeks prior.

Fightthebear Mon 02-Nov-20 11:32:04

It’s interesting how we respond to being ambushed on the phone.

Next had a system a couple of years ago where they would phone with an account query and ask me to confirm my address and account number. They said it was for data protection purposes (! the very opposite of protecting your data to provide it to randoms over the phone).

I always refused and said as they had called me and I had no confirmation who they were I wasn’t prepared to provide the info. I asked them to e-mail me instead.

They abandoned that system fairly quickly so others must have said the same.

AliceAforethought Mon 02-Nov-20 11:38:45

No one should be asking for a child's details over the phone; at least, not when it's them that have called you, and so may not be who they claim.

They should know the details if they're genuine.

And, aren't all the children's flu jabs dealt with through school? My DDs' have been.

This sounds dodgy to me.

Andreea1234 Mon 02-Nov-20 15:00:28

Hello i just receiv a phonecall too from”nhs” asking me all the detail about my son dob, mu full name, his full name, but very strange dosn t seem like he wanted to tell me something i askeed him if it s about flu vaccine an he said yes but like he disn t know what i am sayng and them says it s ok for today , good bye😳😳😳!!! The number was
‭0300 561 0230‬!!!
And 3 days ago same with my douhgter datails, i thought that she asking me because we changed home and new gp adress, but ... i am note sure bow after this call....

Kayleighk30 Mon 02-Nov-20 15:53:42

I have just received the same call from
(0300 561 0230)
The women sounded so weird and dodgy it’s just all felt very weird ... she firstly asked if I was the guardian or parent and then she stated my daughters full name and then said something about a flu vaccination and then asked my address so I hung up as it didn’t feel right at all , I’ve tried to contact my doctor to see if they no anything about this but there on a training day so I’m going to ring tomorrow to see x

HaylzJayne2oo4 Sat 07-Nov-20 13:11:53

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NHS England wrote at the end of September to the parents/guardians of all children aged 2-3 years inviting them to have their child vaccinated against flu.

While the influenza uptake for 2-3 year olds is the highest it has ever been at this point in the season we are now contacting those parents/guardians that have not yet taken the opportunity to have their child vaccinated so that we can increase understanding of the reasons why and to encourage uptake. As a result, some parents/guardians may receive a call from the number 0300 561 0230 and will be announced as the NHS Immunisation Management Service. Letters will also be going out shortly to those 65 and over reminding them to book their flu vaccination appointment.

Car69 Mon 09-Nov-20 20:19:39

I also received a call from the NHS Immunisation Management Service. They seemed very genuine. They only ask security questions because they can't be sure it's the parent/guardian that picks up your phone. If they started speaking to "someone else" that picked up your phone You wouldn't like it. (I know I'd go mad). You also have an option in the voice mail to opt out of them calling you back. The lady I spoke to sounded really professional. I had already booked my appt with GP but apparently, the GP's can't update them once it's booked. They are also providing feedback for NHS England with the reasons parents are / are not having the vaccine so they know for any future roll outs. I hope you found this feedback useful.

Kathrynlarkin Wed 11-Nov-20 16:45:43

I’ve just rang my doctors as I have literally just had this phone call she said she’s looked it up and it’s there health world organisation or something like that as there ringing people.

52andblue Wed 11-Nov-20 16:52:28

I had a call from my dd's GP practice today.
Asked me what my name was (I am not with that surgery) and what my dob was and what my address & phone number was. I pointed out she must have my mobile number to be ringing it.
She said my dd needed a flu jab as she is Autistic. She is 13.
I asked if her brother needed one too as he is also Autistic (age 16).
She said No. So I queried it. She will 'get back to me'.
I said I'd speak to Dd about it (she's very sensory so might refuse).
A bit odd?

AshieJ1986 Fri 20-Nov-20 15:53:10

It is a legit number. I agree sounded weird at first but here is the link that the number is registered too

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