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If you previously lost a part time job, what did you do next?

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thereinmadnesslies Mon 02-Nov-20 14:04:28

I did a full time maternity cover job for a year, then I was kept on part time when the person on maternity leave wanted to return part time. My plan was that I would work full time for the year, then take some time off using funds I built up.

olderthanyouthink Mon 02-Nov-20 14:00:40

Jojo DP actually works condensed hours (I forget this as he has done a lot of OT recently), so we'd need 4 days if I works full time. I think we have a few months worth of money for now.

OnlyBejoking people keep suggesting freelancing and I'm open to it but it's a bit scary and there's competition from people in much cheaper countries for remote stuff.

motorcycle I just looked on the civil service jobs site, already baffled as to why I can't just search by title or keyword confused doesn't look like there's anything suitable but it's another new place to check, thanks!

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motorcyclenumptiness Mon 02-Nov-20 12:19:07

Civil service can be good for PT roles if you can fathom their masonic recruitment processes

OnlyBejoking Mon 02-Nov-20 11:54:52

I looked for PT professional work for a year before I ended up going self employed but I don't love it. I'm applying for full time jobs now and if I get offered one I'll try to negotiate reduced hours.

JoJoSM2 Mon 02-Nov-20 11:40:40

Sounds like you will need to find a job, then. You’ll need to work out how long you can afford to be looking for one without any income coming in. And then choose what you think is best: maybe the perfect job comes up or you go full time or you take another part time job etc. Also have a look to see what options your other half has like going part time or condensing hours. That would mean you don’t need FT childcare even if you work full time yourself.

olderthanyouthink Mon 02-Nov-20 10:53:44

sad we can't really afford for me to not work and I want to work but I also don't want to put DD in full time childcare (also she'd have to go to a third setting this year)

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JoJoSM2 Mon 02-Nov-20 10:17:36

I just became a SAHM. Friends have managed to find part time jobs but it wasn’t easy even though we’re in London so there are tons of professional jobs available.

olderthanyouthink Sun 01-Nov-20 22:46:24

Specifically professional/well paid jobs

I've had a look around and the consensus seems to be that people only get part time in these jobs by working there first and then asking but what do you do when you get made redundant? Did you have to go full time again or did you somehow manage to get another - unicorn - PT role? What did you do about childcare?

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