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Adult DC works in early years child care

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Justnormajean Sun 01-Nov-20 20:59:55

Can I drive them to work?
At the moment a family friend works in the same town and gives adult DC a lift in the morning but from Friday will be asked to wfh
DC’s colleague can do a lift home, but morning lift not possible
Adult DC taking driving lessons but not yet passed test or access to a vehicle. Bike not realistic
Public transport takes 1.30 hours, each way, 2 expensive buses,
Can I legally drive DC to work, and pick up again if needs be?
I WFH and adult DC lives here too.

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MrsElijahMikaelson1 Sun 01-Nov-20 21:01:34

Don’t see why not as you live in the same house🤷‍♀️

BendingSpoons Sun 01-Nov-20 21:03:06

Yes that's fine. You live together, it's for an essential reason (going to work, albeit not your work).

BendingSpoons Sun 01-Nov-20 21:03:51

Plus it's less of a risk than getting the bus.

DominaShantotto Sun 01-Nov-20 21:04:10

You live in the same house as them. Take them - possibly refrain from licking them en route.

badlydrawnbear Sun 01-Nov-20 21:24:39

Yes if you live in the same house anyway. At the start of the original lockdown my work (hospital) asked us all to consider how we would get to work if the public transport stopped. DH would have had to drive me, and we questioned how he would prove it if he was on the way to pick me up or on the way home. It never came to that, but we never heard of anyone being asked where they were driving to or why or being asked for proof of their essential journey, and this lockdown seems less strict than March was.

Justnormajean Sun 01-Nov-20 21:42:29

Thank you, common sense prevails, and yes same household.

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Sceptre86 Mon 02-Nov-20 07:53:13

Yes don't see why that should be a problem. I am learning to drive but dh drops me to work and collects me. In normal times I would get the bus back home but we are avoiding use of public transport where possible. My work gave me a letter to show that I was a key worker who could not wfh and dh kept the letter in the car so he could show the police if stopped (he never was).

Justnormajean Mon 02-Nov-20 08:00:52

Very good suggestion about the letter, I’ll ask them to get one.

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ScrapThatThen Mon 02-Nov-20 08:01:12

Yes, during the first lockdown dd got a letter from her employer to leave in the car for us as some people were stopped and asked. I doubt it will be an issue though.

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