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Horror films for wimps?

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SinkGirl Sat 31-Oct-20 16:47:26

DH would like to watch a horror film for Halloween. Problem is I’m a massive wimp, and get scared far too easily. I’m usually fine while I’m watching, it’s afterwards that’s the problem - i get scared once it’s dark and I have to use the loo, look in a mirror etc. Very pathetic for a 38 year old woman but I’ve been like this ever since my sister made me watch Poltergeist when I was 6 😂

So what horror films are jumpy fun but not likely to have me holding in a pee in the middle of the night for the next few days?

I’m not great with a lot of gore (some gore is fine) but the things that really scare me are anything to do with mirrors, or ghosts that stalk, pop out from behind doors etc. Weird ghost children are the worst.

Closest I’ve come to horror in the last few years would be Cabin In The Woods, Get Out and recently The Haunting Of Bly Manor which was enough to freak me out in parts and it wasn’t even scary.

I can’t be the only horror wimp out there - any recommendations?

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Saucery Sat 31-Oct-20 16:51:18

Zombieland? Jump scares, but that’s about all. And it is bloody hilarious. Zombieland 2: Double Tap also good.

Tigger03 Sat 31-Oct-20 16:55:23

The shining, a quiet place, the village are all quite manageable! Also interview with a vampire / sleepy hollow

FATEdestiny Sat 31-Oct-20 16:56:30

Following because I'm the same.

I walked out of the cinema watching Se7en because I was so disturbed. It's not even a horror film!

SummerHouse Sat 31-Oct-20 16:59:25

Final destination films are scary but not stay with you scary.

Alexandernevermind Sat 31-Oct-20 16:59:49

Agree with Sleepy Hollow. What about Bram Stocker's Dracula?

SummerHouse Sat 31-Oct-20 17:00:01

Sean of the dead?

Saucery Sat 31-Oct-20 17:01:02

Yes, the only terrifying thing in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula is Keanu’s accent, bless him. And the costumes are wonderful.

iklboogeymum Sat 31-Oct-20 17:04:35

* Yes, the only terrifying thing in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula is Keanu’s accent, bless him. And the costumes are wonderful.*


Lemming20 Sat 31-Oct-20 17:07:25

Disturbia is our go to
Also Woman in Black is good

QuestionableMouse Sat 31-Oct-20 17:08:50

Slither with Nathan Fillion isn't too scary and is funny.

SinkGirl Sat 31-Oct-20 17:10:13

Hmm. Maybe I’m not that much of a wimp then! Se7en I had no problem with (actually think it’s a great film). Final Destination films didn’t scare me either - maybe because they’re so ridiculous I don’t feel like there’s anything to be scared of? Same with zombies, vampires, werewolves etc, they don’t scare me. I guess it’s so individual, what’s scary and what’s not.

I could not watch films like The Strangers, Hush etc as I’d be scared of someone breaking in, and there’s no way I could watch something like Babadook.... I hated going into Charing Cross tube after someone just described the film Creep to me 😂

But have seen all of these (except Zombieland 2) and none of them were scary so that’s good! Hopefully some others will get some good suggestions from this too - I like a bit of a scare but ideally don’t want to be terrified!

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BoringBarrington Sat 31-Oct-20 17:14:12

Lights Out

CanSomeoneElsePickMyName Sat 31-Oct-20 17:14:53

Just saw the invisible man. Such a good film.

SinkGirl Sat 31-Oct-20 17:26:16


Lights Out

Hahahaha. No.

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SinkGirl Sat 31-Oct-20 17:26:39

Invisible Man is definitely an option!

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notacooldad Sat 31-Oct-20 17:28:49

Comedy horror?
What we do in the shadows -film version?

Spiderbaby8 Sat 31-Oct-20 17:31:45

Misery is kind of disturbing but not too scary, really good film.

I am a big fan of George Romero zombie films, they do get more gory as they go along but night of the living dead is black and white and not too bad.

Psycho is one of my all time favourite films, I wouldn't say it was that was overly scary either.

SinkGirl Sat 31-Oct-20 17:35:07

I love What We Do In The Shadows - bloody brilliant!

Misery I saw when I was quite young - scary but in a way I can handle, definitely a good shout. Psycho I’ve seen several times and still struggle to shower afterwards - i think it’s people in normal scenarios like in their house, having a shower, going to sleep etc and then something terrifying happens... those are the things that really get to me. Whereas some people find Alien etc scary and they don’t scare me at all.

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SummerHouse Sat 31-Oct-20 17:38:16

Ooooh interested in the invisible Man now. Anyone know if it's on Netflix or Amazon?

goose1964 Sat 31-Oct-20 17:39:20

Coraline is just about my level but horror films I've sat through , although not enjoyed Carrie, Christine, American werewolf in London

AllDoneIn Sat 31-Oct-20 17:41:59

Marking place OP. Cowards united.

Spiderbaby8 Sat 31-Oct-20 17:45:15

I'm ok with gore, but don't like a lot of jump scares. I remember seeing a film called the grudge in the cinema back in the early 2000s which I totally couldn't cope with grin

Iseeyoulookingatme Sat 31-Oct-20 17:46:03

If you were fine with get out, then you should be fine with US. Its by the same people who made get out.

SinkGirl Sat 31-Oct-20 17:49:51


I'm ok with gore, but don't like a lot of jump scares. I remember seeing a film called the grudge in the cinema back in the early 2000s which I totally couldn't cope with grin

I had to write a review of the Japanese original many years ago for a magazine - after that I refused to do any more horror films 😬

I think The Invisible Man might be on Prime but don’t hold me to that.

Has anyone seen Us (Jordan Peele)? On a scale of 1 to soiling your pants, how scary is it?

I would love to be one of those people who can watch these things with no bother - it is fun to be scared for a bit, it’s the after effects I hate. I would honestly remove my own eyes before I watched something like Insidious or Paranormal Activity. Nope nope nope.

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