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Moving to york

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Jokerypokery Fri 30-Oct-20 16:18:25

Hi everyone, it’s a bit quiet over in local chat so thought I’d post this here in the hope of more traffic! We are looking at moving from London to York (My grandparents all lived there and I lived there for about 20 years when I was younger so know it fairly well) but can’t quite square our budget and requirements with a suitable area to live in so hoping someone might suggest some areas I haven’t thought of! I would ideally like a house with some character and would like to be pretty central and able to walk into town (I was thinking Bishophill, south bank, fulford, parts of Clifton perhaps). I would consider living outside the city in a village if there was good public transport but would much rather not. DH (who is of course the unreasonable one smile) wants lots of off street parking and a garage. We would both like detached but I accept this is unlikely with my other requirements! Our budget is ideally 700k but would stretch to 800 if something existed that ticked all the boxes. 3 bedrooms is our minimum, schools and commute aren’t a factor as kids are grown up and DH is coming up to retirement / I can wfh, although being near the station would be a nice to have. Is there anywhere nice in York that we can get a house with all of the above?! Or should I just move without DH and ditch the garage requirement grin

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Duvetstay Fri 30-Oct-20 16:42:08

It's been a while since I lived in York but I were you I'd go centre (YO1)... Something like this?

It's got 2 parking spaces, would DH need a garage as well? If does limit you a lot.

Jokerypokery Fri 30-Oct-20 16:53:20

Thanks duvet- yes he is absolutely insistent on the garage I’m afraid (he has a classic car which is his pride and joy), he’ll compromise on anything else but I think that’s going to be what ends up removing any change of being near the centre sad

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StCharlotte Fri 30-Oct-20 16:59:38

Check flooding history in the area. Very very carefully.

herbaceous Fri 30-Oct-20 17:14:39

We moved from London to York two years ago! Though we didn't know it like you, and moved blind, we moved to the city centre (just off Gillygate) and it's great. No garages though!

What about Heworth? Walkable to the city centre, lots of semis with garages but parts of it are not too 'suburban'.

Bearlyawake Fri 30-Oct-20 17:24:20

I'm surprised you can't find anything suitable within that budget to be honest! Especially if you don't need to factor in schools. This for example is in Fulford which is a lovely area and walkable into town

NorbertMeubles Fri 30-Oct-20 17:36:54

Fulford is ace! You can walk to the city centre along the river,fantastic schools, great housing and lovely community

Jokerypokery Fri 30-Oct-20 17:40:54

Hi bearly, it seems to be the garage which is the problem to be honest- lots of lovely houses in budget but very few with a garage, the one you linked to on Broadway we are going to call the agent about this weekend but think it may not actually be a car sized garage from the description (they describe it as a workshop which usually means it’s too small for a garage, think they’ve taken part of it for the dining room- although we could always convert it back if that is the case I suppose!)

Herbaceous, glad to hear you are enjoying York, even though I lived there for a long time I’ve been gone so long it still feels like quite a scary move! Heworth is a good idea, I haven’t really seen anything come up on Rightmove there when I search but you’re right that houses there are probably more likely to have garages so will look into it further.

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Duvetstay Fri 30-Oct-20 17:46:53

Ahh, fair enough then! Fulford would fit the bill.

Something like this and you could spend a bit updating it?

chomalungma Fri 30-Oct-20 18:05:42

700K buys a lot in York.

House prices in York seem to be increasing - it's a nice place and people are relocating here, WFH and taking advantage of our good train connections elsewhere.

Bearlyawake Fri 30-Oct-20 18:20:13

Ah fair enough. Well good luck with the search it's a great city to live in! Rawcliffe might be another area to keep an eye on, some lovely big houses along Shipton Road that might come up.

Jokerypokery Fri 30-Oct-20 18:32:12

Hi chomalunga, yes house prices where I am now are the same- people move into the area from across the UK (and the world!) which pushes prices way out of reach of most local people unless they happen to have got on “the ladder” a long time ago or inherited property.

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Jokerypokery Fri 30-Oct-20 18:38:08

Thanks bearly, york truly is a wonderful place and I’ve missed it every day since I moved away, have finally persuaded DH that we should make the move so very excited! It also holds lots of lovely memories of my grandparents and parents so quite an emotional move for me, plus lots of cousins and a couple of aunties still there who it will be lovely to see more of once the current nightmare is over!

Duvet, that does look like an option but (sorry I am being very hard to please I know!) it’s far enough out that I sort of think I might as well move out to one of the nice villages if I did that IYSWIM? I can’t see myself walking into York very often from there which is what I wanted to be able to do by being central

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girlofthenorth Fri 30-Oct-20 19:04:32

I love York and miss living there very much . I lived Dringhouses way , which has some gorgeous properties , and very easy to walk in . I would look at Dringhouses for beautiful Art Deco semis or detached with big gardens, Bishopthorpe road and Scarcroft road , fulford , and along Tadcaster road all easily walkable . A bit further out is Bishopthorpe , and all surrounding villages are great. Lucky you !

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