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If your real life was actually a novel...

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StealthPolarBear Fri 30-Oct-20 13:03:11

I've just accessed dhs phone while he wasn't here as I needed an address. If this was a novel, depending on the genre I'd have found:
- a text from his girlfriend
- a message feom his other wife and family he has kept hidden
- a message from the terrorist cell he is trying to infiltrate and gather intelligence on
- a message from the hit man he has hired to kill me
As it was I found the address - boring!
Have you ever had thoughts about how a moment in your life seems like the opening page of a novel?

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jdoejnr1 Fri 30-Oct-20 22:06:28

Its similar in our house.

"The phone pinged loadly shaking them both from their hypnotised state brought about by GBBO. Two pairs of eyes darted to the source of the noise, an iPhone with a cracked screen, broken during a Peppa Pig marathon. He knew instinctively who would be sending messages at this time of night and she knew as well but never let on. It upset her that the person at the end of the phone got more attention then her but for the sake of the children she learned to live with sharing her husband in some kind of unspoken polygamy. Part of her wanted it to be a sexy young woman trying to seduce her man but alas no, as ever it was his boss asking for the monthly spreadsheet."

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